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You have a high chance of stopping your foreclosure.

Quick money is what we all need when situations get tough. Selling a home is an excellent option, obviously. But, there is a big problem: selling a home may take you months. This is if you don’t know how to sell it fast and accurately. No matter what you are facing, even if it’s foreclosure, we can buy your home right now. House Jiffy is among the top cash house buyers Austin has.

We pay you in cash without asking questions. That’s because we love helping out people who urgently need a quick sum of money. Our solution is simple and quick. We do not even bother about the current condition of your home or its architecture.

House Jiffy has a team of real estate investors with a common interest. We all want to find you now if you are a homeowner who wishes to sell their home in its current condition for a cash payment.  Selling house as is Austin, TX, is possible now, thanks to us.

When you need peace of mind, sell it to us

House Jiffy takes away the stress, delays and other hassles of trying to sell your building on the open real estate market. If you don’t know, selling a house is one of the toughest things you will ever do. This is, particularly, if you want to sell an old house with a bunch of defects and repair issues.

The best way to escape the long, tiring and sometimes unfruitful home sale process is to reach for us. With us, you will not have to search for a suitable home buyer, wait for any mortgages to be approved or risk meeting a buyer who falls through.

At House Jiffy, we buy houses Austin very quickly. Hence, we take away your financial burden instantly by giving you the cash payment you need. Just don’t wait for the foreclosure process to happen. We can buy your property before you foreclose it.

Is your house ugly? We buy houses fast Austin, Texas

This may surprise you, but we buy ugly looking houses. Would you like to know why we do it? We buy ugly homes because we know how it feels like to be in big monetary troubles. Serious and thorough repairs are a must if you want to sell an ugly house. If you are in a state of bankruptcy, divorce, debts, job loss, disability, sickness or whatever, the last thing you want is to incur one more cost.

Unfortunately, a home sale cannot be successful if you are trying to sell a badly maintained house. Before you go this route, think again. We are already giving you a fair and quick option. Why would you want to endure more stress when you need money fast? Simply sell your old, ugly house to us. This is not just a good deal; it is the real deal.

Why most people want a quick home sale

Difficulties of this life have different magnitudes. Some can hit so hard that the only way out is to sell everything to raise money. Here are some of the reasons why people call us for help.

  • A humiliating divorce situation
  • A job transfer without a notice
  • Sickness or disability and have huge bills to pay.
  • Living in a house that has structural problems
  • Foreclosure challenges
  • Facing retrenchment at work and in the ability to meet the cost of living.
  • Death in the family
  • Lack of interest in living in one’s current neighborhood.
  • The need to live in a better, stylish home than the current one.
  • Inheritance of a property that one cannot maintain.
  • Difficult house loan terms
  • A house that just won’t sell no matter how many times it’s listed
  • A property with legal issues regarding title, ownership or code violations
I need to sell my house fast Austin, Texas – Why pick the House Jiffy?

The obvious answer is that we don’t care how your property looks like or the serious issues it’s associated with. Once we buy your house in cash, we will deal with the difficult matters you cannot solve by yourself.  Besides, we will take you through a well-thought-out process that involves no banks or lenders.

By the way, we pay all the closing costs and tackle the required home repairs. In short, we assume the responsibilities you would face if you chose to sell your house by yourself. The difference is that we are real estate professionals with years of experience.

We can work out issues faster and more appropriately than you. In just about four weeks, we will close the sale and ensure that you are obligated to do no more than handing over your property documents.

Let nothing stop you

House Jiffy is a reputable home buyer, and we pay instantly. Moreover, our record is clean, and we endeavor to honor our promises to you. Note that our service is free of charge and super easy. Without further ado, we will list our comprehensible home purchase process.

  • Launch our partnership by calling us or filling our short online form. Fill every blank space if you decide to get in touch with us via our online form. Our toll-free phone number is shown on our website.
  • As the top cash house buyers Austin dealer, we will connect you with one of our associates who serves your area. Both of you will arrange a quick meeting at your most convenient time.
  • If you accept the cash offer, we will begin the process of closing the sale. Before you know, you will have the money you need to solve your problems.

You have foreclosure options. We have a solution.

If you are in foreclosure and need to sell fast we can help. Stop getting bullied buy banks we buy houses fast and handle everything.

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