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    Pre-foreclosure is the time/period that is allocated by the bank to the property owner to pay all involved debt. At this stage, homeowners try their best within the allocated time (a few days to a year) to make the payment to the bank and avoid foreclosure.

    After this stage comes auction, where the bank puts the property on sale, so as to recover the money owed by the previous homeowners. But on the off-chance that the bank couldn’t find a buyer for the property, the house becomes a bank owned real estate (or REO).

    Now, as already mentioned, there are a few paths that any individual facing the above can take in order to avoid the second stage of foreclosure (auction).

    3 options to help you sell your pre-foreclosure house fast

      If your home is in the pre-foreclosure stage there is still time to resolve your foreclosure issue, if you act now! Selling your house on the Real Estate market could be an option for you.

    Realtors can list your home below market pricing, to help with a quick sale if needed. This route does have a few set backs, mostly requiring more time than alternative routes. In this option, you still have the hassle of waiting on the buyer to commit, the banks to process, the Title Co. to clear title and financing to be approved. But, once you’ve successfully cleared the necessary steps, your lender will take their fees and the owed balance of mortgage. Then, you my friend are free and clear.

    One other option that could fall under this category is short sale. A short sale is when the bank accepts a payoff lower than the owed balance. This way the bank agrees to clear the debt in a short amount of time. This can be done with, or without the use of a realtor, but is also slightly more time consuming and you walk away with absolutely nothing.

    1. Possible higher sales price
    2. Foreclosure resolved
    3. Possible monies left after settling with the bank
    1. Longer waiting and selling period
    2. Fees from lender, title and buyer
    3. Realtor commissions to pay
    4. Needs approval and cooperation for multiple sources
    5. More stress and worry about the sale of your home

    …For more info on these options give us a call today!


    Selling person to person is a great option to fill the gap between market and seller. This is the fastest option available, and sometimes can even be completed in as little as 24 hrs. Selling person to person, eliminates a large portions of fees, even thousands of dollars. It can also eliminate the stress of having an unqualified buyer and many other selling stress factors.

    Selling person to person is the fastest and cheapest route to sell your home, but many questions could be lingering. If I don’t use a realtor, how will I find a buyer?  Who is going to buy my house that fast?  and even, How do I know the transaction is legal and done correctly? While these concerns can be understood, the process of selling person to person, in reality, is simple, quick and affordable. And we you have help and knowledge to move you right along.

    1. Faster selling times
    2. Quick, simple closing
    3. No stress of being on market
    4. Reduced, even eliminated selling fees
    5. Sell as-is, no repairs
    6. Walk away with cash
    1. Possible lower selling price
    2. Lack of knowledge

    …Give us a call now! and we’ll help you find the option best for you!



    This is a fancy way to say the lenders/banks will accept the deed or rights to your home in order to stop foreclosure.This occurs when you willingly “hand over” the ownership of your property (deed) as collateral to your lender. This process gives them the home as a means of paying off your loan and stops the foreclosure.. It’s a hard but sometimes necessary option.



    1. It settles all mortgage debt


    1. Lender often rejects the offer
    2. Walk away with nothing

    … for help with this option or to find others that apply to you, give us a call today!


    How Can I Prevent A Foreclosure?

    Knowing your options is key to its prevention. You have rights and there is still time to do something now! At House Jiffy, we offer solutions to prevent, fight and overcome foreclosure. Take a look at the few tips we have listed below and contact us if you have any questions!

    Once you notice you’re sinking into foreclosure, you need to act quickly. Stress may be hard to deal with, but time will only add to the problem and stress factor. Contact your lender as soon as possible, even though it may be hard to do so. You will have one advantage when communicating with your lender, when foreclosure takes hold—information.

    Lenders sometimes offer programs or help to those trying to resolve foreclosure before things get ugly. You contacting the lender, asking questions, and getting answers is one of the best thing you could do. Trust me they already know no payment has been made and they are working to resolve the issue on their end already.

    The lender too will find foreclosure strenuous. The paperwork, decline or loss of revenue, attorneys, court, cost and time consumption are all things they want to avoid. This actually can give you an advantage, when you contact them for support early on. They may already be looking for a solution as well.

    Whats a loan modification?  let me explain…

    Working with your lender, a loan modification is an agreement to change the terms of your loan. The goal for you in doing this, would be to settle the late balance and lower your monthly payment. Of course, this process will add fees to the loan amount, but it could save you from foreclosure. For more information on loan modification and if its available for you, contact your lender and see what options they offer.


    At House Jiffy, we pride ourselves on offering options, so you can sell your house in a Jiffy! We know the importance of options…

    Knowing your options is also one of the best ways to prevent foreclosure. Should I sell my home? Can I refinance? How long can I afford to fight the bank?  How long before I have to leave? What do I do next? Take the time to go over your options. Make a game plan. Once you have your options listed move forward quickly. Stress can make us procrastinate. Making a plan of action can help you feel empowered and help you stay on track to avoiding foreclosure.


    This solution is not for everyone. If can you afford to pay the debt quickly before the process unfolds, do so. Sometimes certain events in life, divorce, death, or many others, cause stress and other emotions that prevent us from moving forward. Foreclosure is a stressful and emotional process itself. The Lenders don’t care about personal issues and are relentless until the debt is settled. If you have the means to settle the debt, I would recommend you do so now and avoid foreclosure.

    You have foreclosure options. We have a solution. Sell your house fast.

    If you are in foreclosure and need to sell fast we can help. Stop getting bullied buy banks we buy houses fast and handle everything.

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