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There are options when you are a tired landlord and need to sell house fast. We will help you determine whats best for you.

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Tired landlord and need to sell house fast? There may be a better solution below.

A landlord, basically, is an individual who owns a house, apartment, or real property. They (or landlady) lease or rents out the real property to an individual or set of individuals who are the tenants. They also do different jobs and so, can be called a realtor, salesperson, negotiator, repairman, debt collector, and much more.

This is due to the fact that landlords use all of the mentioned skills to their advantage. It’s certainly better than making use of a realtor or salesperson when you can learn it through experience. Or even, learn it from a sales company for a fraction of the price you’ll pay (if you instead use their services). Also, a landlord is a natural filter that different individuals and offers pass through. They separate the potential tenants based on quality and then select only the ones with the best overall behavior, reliability, history, etcetera.

All of this is hard work, especially if the tenants (regardless of how much the landlord filters) are causing any difficulty. It takes time before you’ll get to a degree that you’ll be a well-oiled machine (that give results). And even when you get to that point, alas, machines—for example—need maintenance and are not immortal too.

So, you might want to get rid of your house that’s full of tenants because of your tenants themselves, you’re tired of working, or you’re simply old and need to rest. Also, you could just want to sell your property (house) fast for reasons such as health, or you want to change buildings. As a result of these reasons (one of them at least), you have to consider your options. To treat this, below are some of the “proven” choices or routes you can take.

Find a Manager

When the weight of constantly making decisions, answering calls and hiring contractors to manage/fix your investment property is heavy—you definitely need to hire a property manager who will manage all of your property (or properties). They will—in your stead—answer all the questions your tenants may have, manage all the operations of your property, and then procure the bills to you. Your job is just to sit back, supervise, and enjoy their work efficiency (provided the management company is competent). Now, in methods like this, there are disadvantages. These are the reliability and cost of management companies.

Reliability of Management Companies

When the company you hire to manage your property is not reliable, they’ll blow every little issue or problem in the house out of proportion. A slightly leaking roof will be explained in a way that you’ll be convinced enough to spend more. In some cases, you might spend triple of the normal funds you’d use. Also, cases like this will just be the first because they might even charge the tenants more if you hand over management of funds (of the investment property) to them. So, you’ll have to monitor them closely regardless of your personal opinion of them.

Another thing of note is their mistakes can cost you time, money, and your tenants. An example of such is when the company leases a real property to a tenant with one or more complications. An individual like that might destroy some things that will be blown out of proportion by the management company. So, to prevent such mistakes or loss of funds, your supervision, once again is needed.

Cost of Management Companies

Management companies are expensive. Making use of a management company means you’re reducing your profit margin as a landlord. If you’re interested in making use of one, know that they will collect 5% to 10% of your total revenue. This doesn’t seem much, right? Well, that changes when you agree to such terms and the rental market suddenly plummets. At this point, the funds generated will be unsatisfactory.

Summarily, you can use property management companies based on the fact that you’ll have to supervise them. If you don’t, the above might occur. Also, the history of the company you choose will determine the percentage you’ll be charged. Therefore, only use this option when the market is up and you can expend some of your time to monitor the activities of your go-to real property management company.

Using a Real Estate Agent

If a property management company is too expensive, you can employ the use of a real estate agent to sell your real property. A realtor (another name for a real estate agent) will put your house on the market where it will be seen by different buyers. Yours is just to choose the one you like the most. Now, this is very good but it bears some drawbacks, as expected.

A realtor mostly has a hard time selling a house with tenants and speed might also be an issue. For the first point, the realtor won’t be able to easily find a buyer for your investment property. This is due to the tenant-landlord laws that are in place. Tenants all over the states (including Texas) have a right called right of first refusal (ROTR). This allows a tenant to sue his or her landlord if the landlord doesn’t allow the tenant a chance to buy the house (or apartment he or she is renting) before selling the house.

So, if the landlord ignores this, he or she will spend unnecessary funds before the house will be sold. Also, before the house will be sold, most buyers will want to check the house but if a tenant refuses such allowance, it might cause a few setbacks. That is the first point, the second point, on the other hand, is all about the speed at which realtors work. If you want to sell your house or property, you should use realtors while acknowledging the fact that they’re not all that equipped to work with utmost speed. It’s not a personal choice of theirs since it’s rather due to their method of operation.

Finding the highest bidder—especially when the real property market is down—is time-consuming. Summarily, inform your tenants before you sell the house if you decide to choose this option. And also, note that you should have time on your hand before you choose to employ their use.

You are the ultimate seller at the end of it all. So, you can choose the first buyer if you want. Although, as usual, who doesn’t like a better offer?

Sell to a Real Estate Investor

If your choice is to sell your investment property but using a realtor doesn’t appeal to you, then you can use a real estate investor. Using a realtor involves a competent sum though you’ll have to expend time. On the other hand, a real estate investor will give you a suitable sum while still managing your time efficiently. We mean you can sell your house to Housejiffy fast or otherwise if you’re turned off by the above disadvantages. We will not pend your house looking for the highest bidder and our work history also shows our reliability. If you are that tired landlord and need to sell house fast, I am pretty sure we will be you best option.

In fact, an example of how we work is that we give cash up-front—except if you prefer another payment method. Also, we’ll buy your house regardless if there are tenants present in the house. And as we buy as-is homes, we will buy your home even if it’s in a bad shape. However, do note that if you have some individuals who are paying on a discount in your real property, he or she will have to pay the due sum to ensure equality between all tenants.


Go through the information above, consider the advantages and disadvantages, and then choose the option that best suits you. Just know as a tired landlord and need to sell house fast we may be your best option because we buy fast and charge no fees.

Stop being a tired landlord and need to sell house fast.

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