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Could I really sell my house fast to deal with the bills from my sickness?

Ordinarily, selling a home is never easy regardless of the circumstance. You have to deal with agents if you want to use realtors and you deal with stress if you’re selling it independently. Also, time will be a currency that you can’t afford. Especially if you face cases like divorce, relocation, foreclosure, and illness. Wherein the latter is to be focused on. How hard do you think it is to sell a house when there’s an illness? You try to divide your attention between two important fronts. In other words, you take care of the illness and you try to raise funds to deal with it.

On that front, the most common reason why people sell their (your) house if an illness is involved is to pay the medical bills. Other than that, they might be selling the house if it’s unsuitable to live in by the individual who’s sick. In the first case, the illness might be dire and to manage/handle it, large amounts of funds will be needed. For the second, if the individual is moving due to the house being unsuitable to live in, it might be as simple as a back pain. He/she might be living in a story building and moving up the stairs in that condition is ill-advised. So, he or she will move to a more suitable home.

Solutions while you are sick and need to sell house fast

Using A Realtor

You want to sell your house and it’s due to a sickness. So, you pick using a real estate agent. In that regard, realtors/real estate agents are the individuals who act as a bridge between a house buyer and a house seller. Their main tool is the advertisement. And they’ll effectively (or otherwise) use it in a way that you (the house seller), will have many bidders after your home. Now, if you use a real estate agent for their main purpose, be ready for these things:

  • Real estate agents get commission from you

Every real estate agent gets a commission which is a percentage of the payment made for your house. This is usually below 10% of the total price.

  • You’ll pend your house to find the highest bidder

To get the highest pay for your house, you’ll usually have to wait. This means you’ll pend your house for some time until you find a buyer that’s willing to pay your preferred price. Also, you should note that the highest bidder means your realtor’s commission will be better. So, do not be surprised if you’re advised to wait for a better bidder by him/her.

  • You’ll put up with excess paperwork

From signing the contract that dictates your advert period with the MLS to signing over your house, you’ll have to put up with an excess amount of paperwork.

  • You’ll have different bidders over at your home

Typically, sellers have to sample or at the very least, check out any product before buying it. This applies to selling a home too. The sellers will have to check your house and since you do not know who your next buyer is, you’ll have to welcome each and every one of them.

After you do the things above, there’s still a possibility that you won’t sell your house. Meaning, you still won’t find a buyer after you advertise. And as a matter of fact, you’ll find some bidders but they’ll only make promises and you won’t hear from them again. The worst thing about this is that you’ll have to do all these things again if your listing expires.

Expired listing simply means that you advertised your house with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). And after some time period (1-12 months), the listing expires since you didn’t sell your house. So, you’ll sign a contract again (to advertise with MLS), advertise again, welcome bidders again since you didn’t find buyers the first time.

Sell Independently

If you want to sell your house (due to sickness) without using any kind of house broker/realtor, you must know it’s stressful. You advertise your home with the Multiple Listing Service, you make use of posters, and you welcome bidders. After this, if you find a buyer, then the deal will be left well concluded provided you price your home well. Still, if you can’t sell your house, you’ll have to relist your house again. And that means you’ll have to do these things again.

  • Evaluate the house price

Advertising your home with the MLS might take between a month to a year. In that time period, the price of your house will shift as time changes. Due to that, you’ll have to evaluate the price of your house prior to any advertisement.

  • Advertise

People must know you’re selling before they’ll buy. So after you list your house with the MLS, you’ll advertise your house by putting up “For Sale” signs. Essentially, you will do everything and anything that you can to publicize your house. Furthermore, advertising your house other than the stress involved will consume funds too.

  • Clean up the house and welcome visitors

First impression, as they say, matters a lot. You have to tidy up/repair the house for the oncoming visitors. If you don’t do this, they might find unflattering parts or areas of the house that you might have fixed if you cleaned up.

So, this is only actually applicable if you’re not selling due to lack of funds to clear the medical bills. The time and stress involved in selling your house by yourself will simply be too much.

Sell to A Real Estate Investor

A real estate investor is similar to a bidder if you use a realtor or you sell independently. Only, you do not have to pend your house or go through any media channel to sell it. You just simply contact them, you talk properly on the property, and they’ll use their diverse skills to finalize the proceedings. In regards to that, Housejiffy can be considered a fast solution for you to use. We understand how dire the situation is and due to that, we will finalize the deal quickly. This also helps avoid any/all unwanted complications that might be caused due to lack of speed.

Now, if you’re worried about any other condition that the house is in, that’s unneeded. This means we’ll buy the house regardless if it’s also due to repairs, foreclosure, relocation, divorce, tired landlord, late payments, and expired listing.

If you are sick and need to sell house fast, kindly contact Housejiffy today. We always buy houses fast regardless of the condition.

Sick and need to sell house fast? We do it all for you.

At time things happen that makes owning a house stressful. If you are ill you diffidently should not be worrying about selling a house, we will handle it all for you! Contact us today if you are sick and need to sell house fast.

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