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There’s no waiting months for a real estate agent to sell your house. No tedious paperwork. No closing costs or repairs. And no dealing with banks. We do it all for you.

We can also help you with things like keeping foreclosure from affecting your credit, financial assistance to move, and more. Our goal is to make things as easy on you as possible.

Get professional help and sell your house fast.

Any property issue you have you can still sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx to us. Housejiffy is an investor in real estate properties and we’ve had the pleasure of being the company behind the solution to a variety of property stresses. We have had more than 10 years as a family-owned company to fill in the necessary experience to meet the demands of our customers. In fact, we’re always expanding in terms of testimonials, experience, and team. This ensures quality in terms of the services we can provide to you. If you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock TX contact us today.

To properly understand what we have to offer to you, we need to create a suitable comparison between us and another type of company that is called a real estate broker. A realtor or real estate broker is/are the agent(s) who will put your house on the market. They will expose your house to the eyes of various potential buyers, and your part is to sell your house to the highest bidder. But the catch is that this requires patience. And in some cases like foreclosure homes, you don’t have much time.

On the other hand, an investor (Housejiffy) in real estate has one thing that a real estate broker can’t fully provide—which is speed. Speed is what we offer you, which completely betrays the whole purpose of a realtor. We will handle all matters concerning your property with speed and efficiency. And at the end of the day, we’ll leave you compensated. So, now that you’re up-to-date on exactly what a realtor does, and you know how Housejiffy can help you where it concerns the weakness of a real estate agent, let’s take a look at the areas where you can make use of our services.

Foreclosure homes

If your home is on the brink of a foreclosure as a result of lack of funds on your part, and you want to sell your house after taking into consideration that a short sale isn’t the best option you can take. You can sell your house fast to us as long as the property exists in Round Rock, Texas. Also, this is where we show our full capabilities in delivering results where a real estate agent will stagger. We will not waste your time, nor will we find buyers for your property. As we’re the ones that will be doing the buying and the proceedings are always fast.

As-is homes

Regardless of the condition that your property (house) is in, we will readily buy it as a means of helping both sides. We understand that selling a house that is in dire need of repair is extremely hard. And you may be incapable in terms of energy and funds to adequately fix it for the sake of selling it. Nonetheless, as we’ve mentioned above, we will buy your house as-is. This stays true even if the house is in foreclosure or as a result of a divorce and it’s in dire need of repairs.

Homes due to divorce and need to sell your house fast in Round Rock TX

Due to the houses in question being sources of emotional distress for victims of divorce, a need to sell the house as a means of moving forward arises. In this regard, we will easily cater to your needs, especially if we know that divorce is the situation that caused your decision to sell the house. Though, do keep in mind that the same speed and efficiency that we’ll use in this situation will also be used in any of our services (regardless of the situation) that you use.

Job complications

Due to certain situations or circumstances, you might have had a job transfer or even worse, you might have lost a job. In this regard, we always try our best to help you out of the financial stresses that follow such things (unemployment and job transfer). And in the case of job transfers, we always completely disregard the distance between us and we try our possible best to deliver the kind of results that suit your needs.

Houses for sale due to illnesses

Medical bills might be an issue that you want to resolve quickly by selling your house. Or your house isn’t suitable for your current condition and you quickly need to move for safety’s sake. Regardless of the situation, we’ll keep up with the speed you move and we’ll deliver great results. Another meaning is that we’ll leave the deal well-concluded with both parties wholly satisfied.

Maybe you just want to sell your house fast

There’s a possibility that you might feel like selling your house for no reason at all. Another possibility is that your reason for wanting to sell your house is not included above (death, tax issues, and many others). If you fall in this category, we (Housejiffy) buy houses fast as long as it’s present in Round Rock, Texas.

Our free services to help you sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx include

We have certain features that aid our working capabilities (including the results/user experience we provide), and below, we will take you through all of them.

  • Our services are free

We charge no fees for any of our services, so you have full access to a team that will work hard for you and help you sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx. From clearing heirship proceedings that require some knowledge in law to handling the repairs of any as-is house, we will charge no fee to you.

In fact, we will act as a real estate advisor to you, which means we will provide the necessary information on the paths you can take. Coincidentally, this also helps manage your funds—which is something that is not possible when you use a realtor. Because any services that are rendered by a realtor is not free (a direct opposite of what we offer). Summarily, this is just one more added benefit of using Housejiffy as your go-to when you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx.

  • Professionalism

To exhibit the above, you need a team of highly capable professionals who can deal with different situations regardless of the amount of skill it needs. We have that and even more at our disposal. All of the tools/features that we use is as a result of our team. This includes title companies, contractors, and lawyers who are all used to working under stress to resolve any of your property issues. In short, we handle all real estate dealings with our clients rest assured that we’ll deliver exceptional results.

  • Pricing

Regardless of the state your property is in, and the condition that caused your need to sell your house, we always properly compensate our clients.

This stays true no matter how demanding of us your needs are. An example that is also suitable for our “Our services are free” section is buying houses due to job transfers. Most of the time, this requires us to operate from a distance. On that front, we will not charge you a dime regardless of the distance between us. Also, for houses in need of dire repair, we will investigate the condition of the house—calculate the funds necessary to fully repair the property and then we’ll communicate with you to see if you agree with the results.

We do not know what state your affairs are in and we would rather not cause further complications that you’ll certainly want to avoid. So, to make this possible, we offer our services to you free of charge for any property issue that you want to resolve.

  • Ease of use

You’ll find that using our services is a lot easier than employing the use of a real estate agency or any other investor. In almost all cases, Housejiffy will provide the cash to you up-front without all the hassle involved when you use an estate broker. One of the reasons for this is that we also would rather avoid any complications and we’ll preferably close deals within 3 to 5 days. All we need from you for a fast sale is just to have a property (houses) that we can buy in Round Rock, Texas.

In conclusion, the above information is to convince you of our capabilities and credibility. So, if any of the above benefits, features, or fast services appeal to you in any way or form, just know that Housejiffy is available if you want to sell your house in Round Rock, Texas. Fill out the form  or call us if you need help or have questions and of course if you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx.

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If you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx, you have options and one of them is getting a fair offer or even cash- as soon as the same day! So if you are in any of the situations below, contact us right away!

Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Home – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell stat!

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