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    • House Jiffy is a team of real estate professionals who love to help! We use our resources to bring you the best selling options for your situation. So if you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock, TX give us a call. We’ll be there in a Jiffy!

    Foreclosure homes

    If your home is in the foreclosure process, and you want to sell your house fast in Round Rock, TX, before the bank takes your home away, we can help!.We deliver results where others, including real estate agents fall short. We know the distressed home market and We wont waste your time. We know a  home in foreclosure can be stressful enough. Let us help! We will cover the fees, paperwork and hassle… and we do it all in Jiffy.

    Job complications

    Have you had a recent job transfer leaving you owning a home you cant sell? Or even worse, have you recently lost your job, leaving you a distressed home owner with no income? We have solutions that are fast and easy,so you can get you moving forward again quickly. Our team has multiple options for all distressed real estate situations. So, if you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock, TX House Jiffy may be your answer. We work to help you find a solution, so you can sell your home quickly and with confidence. Give us a call we we are here to help and we’ll do it in a Jiffy!

    Need to sell due to illness or medical bills?

    Medical bills can add up quickly and illness can be very costly leaving you needing to sell your house fast in Round Rock TX.  Medical problems add stress to your family, body and finances. Regardless of the situation, we’ll give you options for selling your home fast in Round Rock, TX. We are here to help, Why? Because we can and we do it in a Jiffy!

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    We have a great team that works hard to offer great solutions in a not so great situation..
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    • Our team of highly capable professionals know how to deal with all types of distressed real estate. So, regardless of your current home situation, we have a solution for you.Our distressed home team includes title companies, contractors, lawyers, investors and others, who are are committed to helping you right now. We handle all the stress, fees and paperwork, and we do it in a Jiffy!

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    If you need to sell your house fast in Round Rock Tx, you have options and one of them is getting a cash offer! So if you are in any of the situations below, contact us right away!

    Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Home – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell in a Jiffy!

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