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Our main goal is to help you find a solution to sell your house fast in Manor Tx. We can buy your home in Manor, Texas fast and for cash. There is no dealing with real estate agents or banks. There is no closing costs or repairs to worry about. We eliminate costly and time-consuming elements that hinder you from achieving your goals.

Save yourself time, we will help you sell your house fast in Manor Tx.

Housejiffy has over 10 years of experience in creating solutions for real estate issues on the part of various clients. As we solved one more estate issue, the next one got easier, and the cycle continued until we had a team tailored to handle all real estate issues/stress. So if you need to sell your house fast in Manor Tx contact us now. On that front, let’s discuss our team.

Housejiffy is family-owned and we have lawyers, title companies, contractors, etcetera working (as hinted above) seamlessly together to produce the kind of results you want. As examples, our lawyers are important in cases like heirship homes, our contractors are the ones who carry out investigations on your house (e.g as-is houses), and our title companies easily finalize any deal you have with us (regardless of the scenario). So, as we’ve peaked your interest now, let’s explain where you can apply our services.

Foreclosure Houses

Foreclosure houses are houses on the verge of takeover by the bank when the original owners default on a payment. This is only possible since the previous homeowners used the house as collateral when they went to the lender (bank) to acquire a loan. Now, when foreclosure occurs, the homeowners will be evicted from the house (except if they can strike a deal) and that means no house/pay.

Even worse is when the bank finally sells the house and the funds gotten from the sale doesn’t cover all the debt. In cases like this, the previous homeowners are left with the remainder of the debt to settle. And obviously, if they had the funds, foreclosure wouldn’t have occurred (though, there are cases where the homeowners themselves will be unwilling to sell not unable). Luckily, there are solutions to this particular situation since foreclosure doesn’t happen immediately. The individual could either sell the house or find funds to settle the loan. We will help you sell your house fast in Manor Tx.

Regardless of the method, funds must be generated. In that regard, we deal with the first option. So, if you’ve considered all other options (even those not related to the two options), and you choose to sell your house—you can make use of our fast services in as much as your house is in Manor, Texas.

As-is Houses

This occurs when a home owner sells his or her property as it is. There will be no repairs and the buyer will have to buy it exactly as it is. This is good but there’s a problem here. Most potential buyers are turned off o.n houses that need fixing.

They will think about the funds, energy, and time it will take them to restore the house back to pristine condition. In cases like this, the seller might even fix the house up a bit to attract some buyers which isn’t necessary but it’s still acceptable. Sell your house fast in Manor Tx to HouseJiffy and stay stress-free. You get to skip all the hassle (involved in convincing buyers) and instead sell to us directly since we are not biased.

Heirship Homes

Heirship homes are exactly as they sound. They are properties that are inherited or left (through a will) by a family member or relative. In scenarios like this, the house might have more than one owner and selling the house will need to be agreed upon. Also, individuals who fall under this category have to deal with all the benefits and liabilities of the house. In fact, there are cases where even after checking the house out (and regardless of the amount of benefits), the individual will be left with a vacant property since the house (property) in question might hold a few memories.

Regardless of which one it is, you can make use of our services. Furthermore, even if you’re not the only owner of the house, we’ll properly compensate all the involved parties. And if the matter requires you to involve the law, we’ll help you in that regard also. But, there’s a catch to all of this though. Your houses must be in Manor, Texas since we have to see them before we can buy them—fast or not.

Vacant Homes

There are a variety of reasons why your house can be vacant. A property (house) might be vacant due to the death of a relative, or you might have a job transfer and you want to sell your house and roll over the funds to purchase another. As a matter of fact, there are cases where an individual would have either lost his/her employment or need funds for medical purposes.

These are just the best and worst situations that can lead to vacant homes, which when packaged as one is where we come in. Housejiffy will handle all vacant homes regardless if it’s under this category or not. Also, we understand the cases above are sensitive (loss of employment and medical bills) so, if you’re curious about our prowess, the testimonials left on our website should alleviate any and all doubt you might have.


Without a doubt, the above scenarios are not the only ones where you can make use of our services. Other areas are vacant homes, homes due to job transfers and unemployment, divorce homes, houses as a result of tax, homes due to an illness, and much more.

Also, you should note that the areas are not limited to the above and might be a combination of the aforementioned cases. As a matter of fact, you might even just want to sell your house fast. Regardless of the situation, we (Housejiffy) buy houses fast in Manor, Texas.

Why Should You Use Housejiffy?

These are the benefits you get when you use our services.

  • It’s Free

We’ve been mentioning it since the beginning (use our services here, use it there). This is due to the fact that it’s free. We will handle all tense situation (in divorce homes), the law (in heirship homes), distance (in homes due to job transfer) and even your tenants free of charge. So, be sure to contact us if any of the above-mentioned services appeal to you.

  • Speed

Take real estate brokers as an example. They’re the bridge between buyers and sellers or we can say they link buyers to sellers. They do this by making public your property (house) wherein different buyers will contact you and you’ll choose the highest bidder. This sounds good because it is good. But like always, there’s a catch. You’ll have to be patient before you can get the highest bidder.

Now, that might not be possible when you need funds to settle your medical bills or in many other cases, avoid foreclosure (and its impact on credit score). The workaround is to use a real estate investor like Housejiffy. We offer speed and efficiency and at the same time, we’ll properly compensate you which betrays the whole purpose of pending houses.

  • Professional Advice

You might be contemplating buying another house or you’re wondering how you’ll manage the other properties you own. In either of the case, we will advise you on the safest paths you can take. We’re qualified to do this since we have over 10 years of experience in handling matters related to real estate. So, we are sure we’ve tried every method, way or path that you’re contemplating on.

Consequently, we will be able to tell you the pros and cons of any decision you want to make. An example of what we mean is in the case of foreclosure. If you want to do a short sale, the pros are:

  • You will be able to buy a house in 2 years as opposed to foreclosure that needs 5 to 7 years
  • And you’ll have no mortgage payment for you to worry about

The disadvantages on the other hand are:

    • Your credit card score might be damaged, and
    • You’ll also gain no money after you sell the house
    • Convenient

Just because our services are free doesn’t mean they’re not convenient to use. In fact, you’ll do nothing throughout the proceedings if you want (though, trust matters here). You don’t have to show your property to different individuals where they won’t later buy the house after the stress they make you go through. Also, you won’t need to see your ex-partner in the case of divorce homes.

These things are due to the fact that we’re the buyers so we’re built (like we mentioned above) to handle all and any situation pertaining to real estate no matter how diverse you think they are.

In conclusion, as long as your houses are in Manor, Texas, we will buy it fast. We will offer you cash up-front too except if you prefer another payment method, so, contact us today at Housejiffy if all/any of these things appeal to you.

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