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We are here to make sure you sell your house fast in Liberty Hill Tx regardless of any situation. There is no dealing with real estate agents or banks. There is no closing costs or repairs to worry about. We eliminate costly and time-consuming elements that hinder you from achieving your goals.

Yes we can help you sell your house fast in Liberty Hill Tx.

We can say we’re a family owned business with over 10 years of experience in solving real estate issues. Or, you can say Housejiffy is a real estate investor that has been tailored (as the name implies) to solve real estate stresses regardless of the complication. We are here to help you find a solution to sell your house fast in Liberty Hill Tx, if needed.


Our Team

We are comprised of lawyers, contractors, title companies. Lawyers are for special scenarios like heirship homes (more on this below), contractors are going to oversee our investigations into as-is houses, and lastly, title companies are used to finalize deals (summarily). Each of them alone is good, but when you combine them, that’s how we’ve made various testimonial worthy deals over the years. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that our team isn’t limited in scope or skills to the ones mentioned above. Because we are after all tailored to buy houses in Liberty Hill fast. Contact us today to sell your house fast in Liberty Hill Tx.

How and Where Can You Use Us a Real Estate Company?

There are areas where you as a prospective client can use our problem-solving skills to your advantage. They’re as followed.

Heirship Homes

An individual can either inherit a home/property through a will or through compatibility. The former means that the individual has been stated in the will to possess a property left behind by a dead relative or family member. On the other hand, the latter occurs where the individual is the most compatible to inherit a home. This is due to the fact that the relative (ex-homeowner) did not put down any will during his or her time.

This is always due to the circumstances surrounding the relative’s passing. Now, where our services are important in this scenario is simply when you want to sell an inherited home. This might seem simple, but in reality, there are cases where complications arise. The house might be multiply owned by different people so there’s a need for a mediator.

We are the mediator (in terms of funds). We will handle the court if need be, handle the banks, and act as an escrow to distribute the funds between all of you.

Foreclosure Homes

Foreclosure homes are houses that are acquired by a lender from a borrower when the borrower fails to honour the deal between them. Or in other terms, foreclosure occurs when a homeowner goes to a bank, takes a loan, and offers his or her house as the collateral.

Now, the problem occurs when the homeowner is either unable or unwilling to pay back the loan. When this is so, the bank takes over the house and sells it to cover all the debt. But, if the debt is still not covered in full, the previous homeowners will be left with the remainder of the debt to settle. That is—they will have no house/ property and there will be no funds. Luckily, people facing foreclosure can still avoid this by selling their houses. This can be done by doing a short sale or simply selling it to a prospective buyer.

The former is complicated since you have to show evidence of your financial state before the bank (lender) will agree to collect a lesser amount than what is owed. On the other hand, if you fall under the latter and you want to sell your house fast, know that we’re in Liberty Hill and our services are yours to use.

As-is Houses

As-is houses are homes that a potential buyer will buy as it is. This means whether the house is rough to look at, but pleasant to live in or the house is eye-catching but stressful to live in or even best/worst of both worlds, the buyer will buy it like that. But the problem in this scenario is that most buyers will be turned off on sighting the house if it’s bad and that’s where homeowners find themselves discouraged. Nonetheless, if you want to sell your as-is house or you’re tired of going through the experience explained above, then you can make use of our services. Though, do keep in mind that houses in pristine condition fall into this category also (we will readily buy it).

Houses Due to Unemployment or Job Transfer

These are houses that are on sale either due to an individual losing a job or the individual transferring to another place due to his or job. In the first scenario, speed is key—because a lapse in our work efficiency can cause complications to arise on the part of the client. So, we always try our best to conclude our deals with speed.

The latter doesn’t need speed always but we make sure to apply the same vigor we use in more sensitive matters to all real estate issues (to us, regardless of the situation, you’re selling a house). Also, in the case of the second scenario, we do not particularly care if you’re out of town. Because in as much as your house exists in Liberty Hill, Texas, we can proceed with the deal .

There are many other property stresses we help you with

The scenarios above are not the only areas where you can use our services. There are others like houses due to illness, divorce homes, vacant homes, homes due to job transfers and unemployment, and houses as a result of tax. Summarily, there are many areas where you can use our services (the areas are not limited to the above), so if you want to sell houses fast in Liberty Hill, Texas, we can be your go-to real estate company.

Benefits of Using Housejiffy

There are benefits which set us apart from other real estate companies and brokers. All of them will be handled here.

  • Speed and Efficiency

Unlike real estate agents, we offer you speed. To put this plainly, real estate brokers will link you (a seller) to your buyer and vice versa (this is regardless of the goods being exchanged). This is done by publicising the property in their care till the highest bidder comes around.

Now, this is good but it’s disadvantageous since there are cases where their speed will be insufficient. Foreclosure homes and homes due to divorce are just two prime examples of what we mean. Housejiffy is fast (as mentioned above). We always conclude deals between 3-5 days depending on how the state of the house and your availability.

  • Our Services Are Easy to Use

Compared to others like real estate brokers, our services are easy to use. We will not pend your house for the highest bidder wherein you’ll be stressed with all the meetings with different people (showing your house). We do not do that since we’re the buyers. So, using our services is stress-free and you’ll also not waste your time dealing with different individuals. Summarily, you contact us, we talk about your house, investigate your house, provide you the due sum (which will be offered to you in cash except if you state otherwise), and conclude the deal.

  • Free of Charge

From handling the law in heirship homes to placating partners in divorce homes, everything is free of charge. We will not remove anything from the sum we’ll offer you so don’t worry about that. Though, we the fund we’ll offer you depends on the location, dimension, and condition of your house. Other than that, we’ll handle everything on your behalf so you’ll be doing nothing.

  • Free Professional Advice to help you sell your house fast in Liberty Hill TX
With our team of professionals and expertise in the real estate industry, help is right around the corner. All you have to do is fill out the form to get your free consultation to help you sell your house fast in Liberty Hill Tx. Every selling situation is different and we pride ourselves and making sure each solution is the best for you regarding your property. We buy houses but our focus is to make sure your solution is best for you.

No matter the condition of your house or if you personally aren’t available in person, as long as you have a house in Liberty Hill you want to sell, just know that we (Housejiffy) buy houses fast.

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If you need a buyer for your house fast in Liberty Hill, Texas we can help solve your problem. We can help you with your situation by making you an honest and fair cash price offer. We’re not in the business of taking advantage of people. We want to help you find the quickest and fairest solution to your problems that is possible. So if you are in a situation like any of the ones listed below, please contact us here at House Jiffy and let us find your solution.

Foreclosure-Divorce-Vacant Home-Illness-Heirship-Death-Delinquent Payments-Out of state ownership-Estate sale-Loss of Employment-Job transfer-Tax issues-Or just want to sell fast

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