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We’ll make sure to research your property and consider your distressed property situation so we can offer you the best solution possible. We’ll discuss your options. If applicable, we’ll provide you with helpful information that pertains to your circumstance.

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We’ll buy your house in Hutto, Texas at a fair price for cash. While it can take three months to a year to sell your home through a real estate agent, we can close quickly – as soon as the same day! We’ll handle EVERYTHING!

Why Your should sell your house fast in Hutto Tx to HouseJiffy

Housejiffy is a family owned company with over 10 years of experience in solving real estate problems on the part of our clients. We listen, communicate,  plan, and then execute actions that you’ll find satisfactory. And all of this is only possible with our team.

Our team is made up of lawyers, title companies, and contractors—wherein every single one of us works together in sync to produce exceptional results for you to sell your house fast in Hutto Tx. What we mean by this is that we all work together for your sake. We have a team full of professionals to handle any property stresses that you might have. From banks to tenants, and to the proceedings as a whole—we will easily handle anything on your behalf.

On that front, what do we handle?

In Foreclosure and need to sell your house fast in Hutto Tx

Foreclosure occurs when a lender takes over the property of a borrower due to the borrower’s inability or unwillingness to pay the debt owed to the lender (bank). The borrowers who are usually homeowners might be unable to pay the debt due to lack of funds or they might be unwilling to pay due to the fact that paying the debt is bad business to them. Some who fall into this category also consider doing a short sale but that is disadvantageous especially when you consider the benefits of Housejiffy (more on this later). Just call us or fill out the form now to sell your house fast in Hutto Tx.

Inheriting a home and must sell fast

Homes due to heirship or otherwise known as inherited houses. Housejiffy will easily handle anything that falls under this category. We (as mentioned above) are a team full of professionals who have the necessary experience to solve all things related to real estate. And in the case of inherited houses, you as a property owner might need to dabble a bit in law. This might be due to joint ownership of the property itself. Whether or not this happens, we have lawyers for you to make use of to quickly resolve the problem. If not, then the proceedings just got a lot easier and we’ll conclude the deal leaving you very satisfied.

As-is Homes

To sell your house fast in Hutto Tx to HouseJiffy you don’t not have to worry about fixing anything. The repairs might be small, or might even be heavy. Individuals who own a property (house) like this mostly can’t find buyers due to the fact that most would be turned off upon catching a glimpse of the house. But, sometimes, they will find buyers but the cost (in terms of funds, time, and energy) will be too high for them to manage. Nonetheless, we at Housejiffy buy houses fast in Hutto—regardless of the degree of repairs it needs. Your part in this is simply to have a property in Hutto for sale.

Loss of Employment or Job Transfer

Due to losing a job—selling a house might be the next course of action (after considering all others) for anyone who falls into this category. Or it might be due to a job transfer that the individual wants to sell a house (property). Which by the way requires communication with the individual from across a distance. Regardless of the distance and circumstance, we will readily buy your house, as long as it falls in Hutto, Texas.

Homes Due to Divorce

Any house or property due to a split between partners can be handled by Housejiffy. We know tensions and emotions will be high and individuals who’re facing this will most likely require speed from us. On that front, we will quickly handle the property/house because we know all that experience (due to divorce) will be draining and you’ll certainly need it behind you.

Houses Due to Sicknesses

Medical bills might be climbing up or you might have a sick elder you’ll rather have living with you than being all alone. For the first reason, even if it’s not savory, you might want to sell your house fast due to the fact that you need to cover the bills. The second reason, on the other hand, occurs if the home is vacant as a result of your elder living with you. Regardless of the reason, just know that Housejiffy is a real estate company that is built to solve any/all property stresses that you have.


There’s a possibility that your house won’t fall under the categories above, and you might just have a property (house) in Hutto that you want to sell fast. Nonetheless, we are open-minded towards all of the circumstance or situation you might be facing. Which in summary means that Housejiffy will resolve any real estate issue that you have (we will leave you well compensated).

Why Should You Pick Housejiffy?

We know there are different agencies out there advertising their capabilities in buying or finding a buyer for houses. In regard of that, below are the reasons why you should pick Housejiffy as your go-to real estate company. Or better yet, why you’ll find us better suited to handle all real estate issues you might have. Fill out the form and sell your house fast in Hutto Tx today.

No waiting period

Housejiffy is a real estate investor. We are unlike a real estate agent who will hold your house for some time looking for the highest bidder. Though, this doesn’t mean that realtors are not good because they are. They are the ones who will publicize your house until many prospective buyers know about it and as a result of that, you’ll eventually find the highest bidder. This takes time, which might not be available in cases like foreclosure homes and houses due to divorce.

Nonetheless, this is where Housejiffy comes in; we will not pend your house looking for the highest bidder because we are the highest bidder. You will be properly compensated within the shortest time (3-5 days) possible if you allow us to handle any and all of your property issues in Hutto, Texas.

No fees

There are absolutely no fees for any of our services that you make use of. This ranges from dealings with the law (heirship houses) to handling proceedings regardless of distance (job transfer) and even to handling the repairs of any as-is house that you want to sell. We offer all of this free of charge to you. In fact, we will further advise you on the next course of action that you can take after selling your house to us.

Why do we do this? Due to the fact that we’ll handle all property issues that you might have, aiding you in managing your property concerns (even after we buy from you) falls under our umbrella of services too.

House pricing

We always leave our clients satisfied in terms of compensation. This stays true regardless of the condition or circumstance that put your house on sale. An example of what we mean is handling houses due to divorce. We won’t use your highly emotional state to our advantage because our work ethics don’t allow such a thing. So, this reinforces our point that we’ll leave you properly compensated regardless of the situation. Nonetheless, there are certain things that can still affect the total sum we will offer you for your property (house).

In the case of as-is homes, the amount of repair the houses need might slightly affect what we’ll offer you. Also, in regard to this, we will show you our results (repairs the house needs), so you as well can evaluate our searchings and from there, we’ll negotiate a sum that both sides will find satisfactory.


If your property (house) is in Hutto and you want to sell it fast without any hassle, then Housejiffy is a perfect fit for you. There will be no talking to banks, certain individuals (divorce), and attorneys or lawyers. Because, we will handle everything, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, throughout all proceedings with you (our clients), we ensure that you’ll do nothing so as to provide an exceptional experience with us.

As we’ve mentioned throughout the above, we (Housejiffy) buy houses in Hutto. So, all we need from you is a property/house in Hutto that you want to sell. After that, we will listen, communicate, and execute plans—with you fully in sync with us. This, in turn, produces excellent results that will leave you fully satisfied with Housejiffy.

Get an honest offer. Sell your house fast in Hutto Tx now.

If you need to sell your house fast in Hutto, Texas, we can help you bypass undue stress. We’re ready pay you an honest price in cash quickly. So if you’re struggling with any of the situations below, contact us now!

Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Home – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell now!

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