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If you need to sell your house fast in Burnet Tx we are the team to help. We do not carry any of the disadvantages and limitations of estate brokers around because that will not be beneficial to you (our clients) and us in the long run. Rather, we get straight to the point in any dealings you have with us. To properly show you what we mean, we will explain both sides.

Real Estate Brokers vs. Investors

A broker sells or buys good in the stead of others. What we mean is that brokers are the individuals who connect sellers to buyers. If you have any goods be it property, electronics, clothes, etcetera. They’re in summary the ones who will either find goods for you to buy or find buyers to buy your goods. Now, in this scenario, goods mean property/houses which under this topic is the main point. Real estate broker will find buyers for your house (property) by connecting you with multiple buyers.

Though do take note that they don’t do this for free, there’s a commission on every sale they make for you. And that’s exactly the reason why they usually pend properties so as to make the highest pay possible. This will be beneficial to you too, but most of the time, time (ignore the pun) is of the essence and that’s where Housejiffy (which is a real estate investor) comes in.

Housejiffy is a prime example of real estate investors. We have a capable team that we’ve specially built for speed, quality, and efficiency. And in most real estate issues, those three are all you as a client will need to settle any real estate issue. Another fact about investors is that we don’t collect any commission on any sum because after all, we’re the buyers of your property. Contact us now to sell your house fast in Burnet Tx.

So, there’s absolutely no need to hold your property by looking for the highest bidder and as you’ll see below, there are cases wherein the services of investor companies are plain out better than that of brokers and many other options. Summarily, we offer to you speed and proper compensation.

We Specialize In

Like we mentioned above, there are areas where you can make use of our diverse services. And in that regard, the following information is to those exact areas.

  • Foreclosure homes

In foreclosure and sell your house fast in Burnet Tx? Regardless if you fall under this category or not, we’re still thorough in all of our dealings. Now, foreclosure homes are homes that are taken over by the bank (lender) when borrowers (mostly homeowners) are unable to pay their debt in full. This might be due to unavailability of funds or the house itself (which is called collateral) has become a bad business for the homeowners.

The bank only collects the house so as to sell it and cover all the debt owed by the previous owners but alas, sometimes, the total sum of the house is not enough to clear all the debts. And consequently, the previous homeowners will have no house (or property) and they’ll still have the remainder of the debt to pay. But, there are ways to avoid all of this complications—the homeowners either do a short sale or sell to real estate companies (preferably Housejiffy).

Doing a short sale hurts the credit card score but the consequences are not too bad unlike the effects of a foreclosure. The only really bad aspect of this is that homeowners are usually left with nothing. No funds and house, but obviously, it’s still better than their house entering foreclosure (like we said).

On the other hand, a real estate company like Housejiffy will easily fund the homeowners to settle their debt, and at the same time, they’ll have some funds left—all with no damage to their credit score. Also, unlike real estate brokers, Housejiffy offers speed where they’ll offer pending periods. And we do this at no expense to you (our client) being properly compensated by us. In fact, you’ll love the results.

  • Houses Due to Heirships

Houses due to heirships are usually properties/houses inherited by people from a family member or a relative. These houses might be due to a will or could be that the individual is the last member of the family(the most eligible). Either way, the individual now has a house (property) with no knowledge how to manage it. So, he or she may be considering to sell or maybe even live in the home. Let us do it all for you, sell your house fast in Burnet Tx.

For the first, the house might have more than one owner, so, selling the house will be a bit hard. On the other hand, living in the home means the individual(s) will be living with all the benefits and liabilities. Now, when there are many benefits, there’s no problem, but when there are too much liabilities—selling the house is once again an option—which is where we come in.

You can sell your house fast to us as long as it exists in Burnet, Texas. We will handle all proceedings free of charge even if it requires a bit of law joggling. This means if the bank comes, we’ll handle it. And if the law comes too, we’ll also handle it in your stead.

  • As-is Homes

A house might be in pristine condition or it might be in dire need of repair. This case is what we call as-is homes. We (Housejiffy) don’t care if it’s falling apart, or if it only needs some glue here and there. We will buy it. Why do we do this? It’s because we know how hard it is to sell a house that’s a turn off to potential buyers. All they (potential buyers) need is just to sight the house and they’ll be receding their decision to give the house a buy—which most time is counter-productive.

  • Unemployment and Job Transfer

Unemployment or job transfer might be a reason for anyone to sell a house. The individual might have just lost a job and due to the rising bills, selling a property (a house in this case) might be the best option. In this scenario when your house in Burnet and you want to sell it fast, we move efficiently. Speed, a highly competent team, and sheer effectiveness always work in such areas.

On the other hand, a job transfer might have taken you out of town and as the house is vacant, you might want to sell it. We’ll handle everything regardless of the distance between us. But still, for this to smoothly work, your property must exist in Burnet.

  • Others

The above is not the only major areas where you can make use of our services (in fact, we consider all real estate issues major). There are homes due to divorce, tax issues, illness, etcetera. Summarily, as long as you want to sell your house fast in Burnet, we are open-minded to all situations that might be going on, so we’ll arrange fast deals with you.

Benefits of Using Housejiffy to sell your house fast in Burnet Tx

There are benefits to using Housejiffy for all your property stresses. All of them will be shown in the information below.

  • Free of Charge

All business dealings you have with us is always free of charge. We’ll deal with the bank, law, problematic individuals, etcetera just to guarantee exceptional experience with us. So, you shouldn’t worry and instead, you should make full use of our team on any property stresses you have because it’s free.

  • Regardless of the Location

Location might be an issue for some people, but it’s not for us. And it’s all due to our experience. We’ve dealt with different cases which require us to operate from a distance and one of them as mentioned above is homes due to job transfers. On that front, you just need to have a house you want to sell fast in Burner, and we’ll handle the rest regardless of the distance between us.

  • Pricing Houses

We do not take advantage of any situation you have because it betrays our morals. An example is homes due to divorce—we will not use the situation to our advantage and we’ll settle it quick and fast since the parties involved will want to put all the experience behind them. Though, as already mentioned, there are still cases where we price the house as needed. Depending on the size, location, and state of the house, we’ll negotiate deals with you on how much we (Housejiffy) should part with.

  • We Offer advice where needed

Before and after the deal has been well concluded, we always make sure to advise our clients on which path they should take where it concerns property. Because after all, we fully invest in properties, so we find ourselves fully capable to offer you information pertaining to real estate. And of course, the information is free of charge.

In conclusion, when your house is in Burnet and you want your real estate issues smoothly solved—contact Housejiffy because we buy houses fast.

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