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Why you should choose us to sell your house fast in Bastrop Tx.

You can sell your house fast or in other words we will be your house fast as-is for cash. Sell your house fast in Bastrop Tx today just fill out the form.  Though, we don’t mind if you contact us directly also. In regards to that, let’s explain real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent Vs. Housejiffy

  • Real estate agents or broker invest in real estate. They’re the bridge joining a buyer and seller together—which shows they themselves don’t buy your house (property). They just find property for a buyer to purchase which might be yours. Now, to do this, they make the fact that you want your property sold public knowledge. So, buyers will rush to you to check your house and you’ll choose the highest bidder.

Nonetheless, there are still disadvantages to their method. The first one is that they publicize your house which might not sit well with people who like to keep their matters private. The second disadvantage is that their method requires time to work. It might take a while or might be short. Regardless, it’s not fast enough for some specific real estate cases.

Why they have this disadvantages is what you might be wondering about; it’s simple. They get a commission from helping you sell your house (property), so, there’s a need for them to find the highest bidder for you. Because, as the price increases, their own pay increases as well (also yours).

Though, do take note that this doesn’t mean they’ll pend your house forever since it’s impossible. As you yourself might express a wish to sell your house quickly but alas, they’ll likely try to convince you to wait for some more time.

  • Housejiffy as already mentioned is a real estate investor. But what we didn’t mention is how we seamlessly operate to solve any real estate issue you might have. In that regard, Housejiffy isn’t a bridge because we’re the buyers. You come to us, we talk about your house (property) and we give you the appropriate sum.

If you look closely into our mode of operation, you’ll notice that this literally screams speed and efficiency. We always close deals between 3-5 days depending on the condition of the house itself. We don’t pend your house, and consequently, we don’t waste your time (in some cases) which is the opposite of how real estate brokers operate. So, in which areas can you make use of our services?

Foreclosure Homes

It’s a not a single process; since it involves three stages. They are pre-foreclosure, foreclosure auction, and bank owned properties REO. The first stage is where most people start looking for an option out of foreclosure. By the way, what’s foreclosure? Foreclosure occurs when the bank takes over your property (as collateral) to cover a debt owed to them by a borrower (the homeowners).

When this occurs, that’s the second stage of foreclosure where the lender (bank) will put the property on sale and the money recovered will be used to pay the debt. Nonetheless, it’s not all the time that the debt will be paid in full and the ex-homeowners will be left with the remainder of the debt to deal with. This means no house, a debt to clear, and lack of funds.

Luckily, there’s a way out of this problem which is to sell the house (property) either by doing a short sale or making use of a real estate agent. Or better yet, a real estate investor like Housejiffy. We (Housejiffy) are better because we will close the deal fast. So, if your house is in Bastrop, keep in mind that we buy houses fast.

As-is Houses

No repairs and in the current condition regardless if it’s dire need of repairs or not. That’s what as-is means. Now, as-is houses, on the other hand, means the owner of a house/property wants to sell his house in the current condition. If it’s in exceptional condition, fine, the house will be sold like that. And if it needs repairs (no matter how much it needs), it will still be sold exactly like that.

The problem with selling houses like this is that most likely, any and all potential buyer(s) the property owner finds will be turned off if the house is in disappointing condition. We don’t have that kind of opinion though. It’s like we said above, we’re too open-minded not to consider all real estate that comes our way. And if the real estates need repairs, we don’t care—rather, in as much your houses are in Bastrop, we will buy it fast.

Homes Due to Divorce

Divorce has a lasting effect that mostly affects all the concerned parties—which includes the children, work, etcetera. So the involved parties always have a need to quickly separate in order to put all the experience (due to the divorce) behind them. In this regard, using a real estate broker is not advised.

Their tendency to pend houses might make the aforementioned effect last longer which might mildly or severely affect the involved parties. On the other hand, a real estate investor like Housejiffy works fast. Especially when we know that you’re going through a situation like this.

Homes Due to Unemployment and Job Transfer

There are homes that are due to unemployment. When an individual becomes unemployed and the weight of bills/lack of funds becomes too much, the individual will have to sell the house/property. Though, that is after he or she has investigated all options and there’s no better alternative. On the other hand, a job transfer might take you out of town and this includes your family and other properties.

So, what do you do with an empty house? You might rent it out, sell it, or give a relative. The second option is where you can make use of our services. If you want to sell your house fast in Bastrop, then you should contact Housejiffy. We will cater easily to your needs and we’ll deal with any property you have in Bastrop regardless of any distance caused by a job transfer.

Homes Due to Illnesses

In some cases, an illness might be the reason why people sell their houses (property). And in all of the cases, there’s always a must for speed. If you use a real estate agent, they will be severely lacking in the speed department so they won’t be able to suitably cater to your needs. A real estate investor, on the other hand, is built to quickly supply you the funds that’ll be needed to settle the medical bills.

Because, if the deal isn’t concluded with the necessary speed and efficiency, complications might arise. And complications and Housejiffy simply don’t mix well together, so, we encourage you to use our services in this scenario.

Other areas where you can make use of our services are vacant homes, houses due to heirship and death, houses behind on payments, estate sales, houses being sold due to tax issues, etcetera. Or in some cases, you might just want to sell your house fast!

Benefits of Using Housejiffy

We offer to our clients some benefits which we know you’ll find satisfactory, they are:

Zero Charge

We deduct nothing from the amount we pay to you. This means we’ll talk to your tenants, your ex-significant other, bank, etcetera on your behalf. In other terms, you do nothing and we’ll handle the issue itself. At the end of it all, we’ll leave the deal well concluded (you’ll be compensated).

Our Team

Competent, fast, and efficient are what our team is. We are comprised of lawyers, title companies, contractors, etcetera. Literally, we have all skills and certification to handle any property issue that you have. Your part at this stage is to point us at any issue you have and we’ll handle it for you so you can sell your house fast in BastropTx. We would love to buy it but that may not be your best solution.

Advice that’s best for you

We always advise all our clients on what path they can take whenever it concerns real estate. We’re experienced in such things so, it’s easy for us to tell you the safe paths you can take. Also, this is free of charge, but why is it so? Since we’ve already mentioned we’ll settle all property issues that you might have, you being confused as to which (real estate) choice you should make falls under that statement too. So, you can make use of this benefit—free of charge. Contact us now to sell your house fast in Bastrop Tx.

Summarily, we’re open-minded to any situation you might be going through no matter how diverse or odd you think it is. Chance is, we’ve even solved many a situation like yours before, so, do not waste any time and contact Housejiffy today if you have any property stress in Bastrop, Texas.

Get an honest offer, sell your house fast in Bastrop Tx

If you need a buyer for your house fast in Bastrop, Texas we can help solve your problem. We can help you with your situation by making you an honest and fair cash price offer. We’re not in the business of taking advantage of people. We want to help you find the quickest and fairest solution to your problems that is possible. So if you are in a situation like any of the ones listed below, please contact us here at House Jiffy and sell your house fast in Bastrop Tx.

Foreclosure-Divorce-Vacant Home-Illness-Heirship-Death-Delinquent Payments-Out of state ownership-Estate sale-Loss of Employment-Job transfer-Tax issues-Or just want to sell fast

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