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These are houses that are in need of repairs. Which, in terms of funds, energy, and time can range from being a light consumer to a heavy one. That is, an as-is house is a house that is in need of repairs which can range from light to heavy. It is also a house that a buyer has to buy as it is. This means that there will be no repairs done on the house by the seller.

This, in turn, means the buyer will have to purchase the house like that. The buyer will purchase the house with all its faults and issues—and will also have to fix it his or herself. Although, due to the nature of the real property market, sellers of as-is homes sometimes fix the house up themselves. Which is, most of the time in a bid to attract buyers and sell their houses. On that front, here are the steps you can use if you want to sell your as-is home.

Step 1: Clean the house up

Cleaning up the house before you sell it can be very helpful in finding a buyer (buyers) quickly. We do not mean that you’ll fix the faults of the house since that entirely betrays the concept of as-is homes. What we mean is that you clean the house up a bit. You mow the lawn, clean the interior and exterior, get rid of loose boards, and just make it physically appealing. This makes the property you want to sell attractive to the buyers. As a matter of fact, if this method is done right, usually all buyers will be convinced enough to get back to you and discuss the property.

And as buyers can come at any time, regularly cleaning the house ensures you’re ready to welcome them. Finally, if you fix up the house properly, the price of your house will increase on the market too. So, you can as well find a better offer by first using this step.

Step 2: Disclosure

Despite it being called an as-is house or property, we still advise you to disclose information concerning it (as-is property). By doing this, you’re increasing the effects of the first step and also gaining trust from the buyer. So, if you know any issue that the house has and it doesn’t fall under the first step, you should definitely disclose that information to the buyer. Although, do keep in mind that you don’t need to investigate in-depth. You just have to inform the buyer of any and all issues with the house that you know of.

Now, on the chance that you don’t know anything about the house—you can hire a home inspector or even do it yourself. This will help you to provide the necessary information to the potential buyers of your property. Lastly, if you don’t withhold any information from the buyer, they might not investigate the house. And even if they do, they’ll be left impressed with the honesty shown. As a result of this, your first potential buyer might be the one who buys the house.

Step 3: Sell the house

You can either sell the house through a realtor or you can use the services of a real estate investor (which is free). On that front, we discuss the two below.

Sell through a real estate agent

As we’ve established the first step, you can use a real estate agent to sell your house. Real estate agents are the individuals who will publicize your house to attract buyers. They’re the links to getting different bidder for your house—after which, you just have to pick the highest offer. Also, real estate agents get a commission when you make use of their services. As a result of this, they might pend real properties in order to find the biggest offer. Although, you as well will benefit from such a method (higher pay) and you could even select any bidder you want if you want a fast deal. Summarily, you cannot find the highest bidder (realistically speaking) without exercising patience when you use realtors.

Sell your house to a real estate investor

A real estate investor is a company who invests in real property. Their method involves meeting with sellers, discussing their real properties, and then negotiating to find a deal that’s acceptable for both parties. Now, the difference between real estate agents (realtors) and real estate investors is the time. Real estate investors usually close deals between 3-5 days while realtors can take a few days to weeks.

And on the topic of funds, real estate investors are usually one of the highest bidders you can find for your house. In summary, there will be no pending of your house and you’ll also be well compensated. An ideal example of a real estate investor is Housejiffy. Housejiffy, to go in-depth is family-owned and has over 10 years of experience in solving property stresses. We have a team that includes lawyers, contractors, and title companies that are tailored to closing deals. Also, you should know that all our services are free for you to use (i.e using our lawyers). And in fact, we will also advise you on your options (pertaining to real estate) free of charge.

Regardless of everything, if you find the methods above unsuitable for the situation, you still have some choices left that you can choose from.

You could do a short sale

If you’re trying to sell your as-is house because you owe more than what your home is worth, you can do a short sale. It usually involves showing evidence to your lender (bank) that you’re financially incapable at the moment. And due to that, you want to do a short sale. If they (bank) agree, that means they’re collecting a lesser amount than what’s owed. Regardless, there are things you should know before you choose to do a short sale.

  • A short sale will affect your credit card score. This might make it a bit hard for you to buy a house down the line.
  • Know that not all lenders will accept a short sale and you’ll also definitely need a good negotiator. For the later, you can use a real estate lawyer.
  • A short sale is only really available (as an option) in some situations. Wherein all of them (situation) involve lenders and a debt to settle. The most common is foreclosure (which you can read more about here).

You can lease your house

You can do a lease option if your potential buyer for unknown reasons is not ready to buy your house. In this case, leasing your house is more lucrative than renting it out. So, income might not be a problem for some time. Also, the borrower of your house might buy the house later at a predetermined price if they like it. Nevertheless, the one disadvantage with leasing your house is the unavailability of borrowers. If your potential buyer doesn’t want to borrow the house, you might have to use the other options on the list.

Lower the price of the house

If the steps above are too slow, or you want to skip them and simply sell your property (house). You can lower the price of your house. This will attract many buyers but it’s disappointing since it will also cost you. The sum you’ll be offered will obviously be affected and if you have property-related plans, they might be affected also.


Provided that you want to sell/handle your as-is house. You can go through the information above and choose any method/way that’s compatible with your needs. It would be best to have a professional guide you with any questions you may have and especially if you want to sell your house as-is fast we at Housejiffy will buy your house fast, contact us today.

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