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Homes in need of repairs tend to sit on the market and drain your wallet and time. Consumers are turned off by a long to-do list, when they are looking to purchase a home. Many of them don’t have the means to make the repairs or simply don’t want to. This means people may look at your home- sitting on the market, but quickly decide not to buy.

House Jiffy has the solution… Sale As-is! This is a very common process. Its simple and quick, no repairs or lost time sitting on the market. And no waiting for that perfect skilled craftsman to buy your project.

The term “as-is” means just that. The home for sale will be sold as-is. No repairs, no warranties, just a house that needs a little TLC, however much that might be. There are several options when selling as-is so, lets go over a few…

Traditional Home Sale

Traditional home sales can be terrific! But there are also set backs, especially with an as-is home. You can use a real estate agent, to sell your as-is home, in the traditional way. Your agent will publicize your house to attract buyers. Though, with repairs you will need to list below market value, a good agent will negotiate the price on your home. This could be a great option, if your repairs are minimal. Remember to add holding time and closing time to your equation. Also, realtors work for a commission, so factor in an extra 6% fees on average to sell your home.

Sell to an Investor

Selling to an investor, could be another way to sell your home as-is. Real Estate Investors usually won’t mind the additional repairs needed, they are used to the working with homes in this category. They typically negotiate for a lower than market price to compensate for the time and money to get the home back to market standards. Investors can even close the deal faster than a traditional sale, but really it depends on their financing.


Short Sale

If you’re trying to sell your as-is house because you owe more than what your home is worth, you should look into a short sale. This involves working with your lender. In this scenario the lender agrees to sale the home for less than what you owe. They take the proceeds, if any and you walk away. At the end of the day, this is still a good option if you need out and don’t have the means to settle the difference. Other thing you should know about the short sale..

  • A short sale will affect your credit card score negatively.
  • Not all lenders will approve a short sale.
  • Usually the lender asks for an existing offer (someone who is already offering to buy the home) to open, or start the short sale process.

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