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DIY Home sale

For those “Do it yourselfers” out there.. Selling your home can be a DIY project too! Listing your home for sell online or posting a sign in the yard, can be a cost effective way to sell your house. Be sure to brush up on your negotiating skills and know your documents. Buyers may still choose to use a realtor for purchasing the home. This could be seen as a disadvantage to you, since you lack representation.

With this DIY option to sell, you will have a little more freedom for selling on your terms, but it could be offset by a typically longer holding time and a small reach for potential buyers. For those of you relocating and looking to sell quick this may not be your best option.


  • Sell on your terms
  • Lower selling fees


  • Lack of knowledge or representation
  • Stressful process
  • Longer holding time
  • Less traffic and potential buyer reach

Traditional Home Sale

A realtor is used to close the gap between a seller and the buyer. Realtors can even offer more exposure for clients to view your home. There is a nice up charge for their services, an average of 6% to sell your home. Traditionally, this is a great way to sell your home. However, more and more sellers are choosing to go with a different method because of fees, buyer uncertainty and longer selling times.


  • More potential buyers
  • Seller representation


  • Time-consuming/ Longer selling times
  • Stressful, keeping your home “show ready”
  • Significantly higher fees
  • Realtor controls the sell and negotiations

Rent Out your Home

Having to relocate can be a fast paced experience. If you need out quick you could consider renting your home temporarily until you are ready to sell. There are a few potential set back to this option, but it could get you out of the home quickly so you can  relocate before having to sell.


  • Quick move
  • Possible income from rental


  • Still paying the mortgage
  • Costly rental repairs
  • Bad tenants
  • Lack of rental payments
  • Upkeep on the home

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Relocating? Need to sell your house fast?

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