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Available options when relocating and need to sell house fast.

Relocation is to move to a new location to establish one’s home and business(es). Alas, as you may know, the process is never as easy as it sounds. Literally, sometimes, you’re moving your entire life (properties, family, etcetera) to another location and that has issues.

Market your property yourself

You can find a buyer for your house yourself if you’re willing. Alas, relocating will most likely null this option—so, you might have to consider alternatives. Nevertheless, we should still mention that you can sell your property yourself if you have time before you move. You publicize your property, negotiate and tour your house with various potential buyers, and sell when you find the right buyer. This can be problematic if you don’t have the necessary experience in dealing with real estate. So, you might (as a result of that) come up short in terms of funds. Still, if you’ve dealt with such situations before and you have the necessary time—we see no reason why you can’t market your house yourself. And of course, that’s after considering the following since they’re staying regardless of your experience.


  • You handle everything yourself
  • You get to either wait for the highest bidder or you can as well sell to the first bidder


  • Time and availability allocation will not be enough when you’re approaching your relocation date
  • Very stressful process
  • You’ll be paying tax/mortgage if you’re waiting for the highest bidder
  • The bidder (highest or otherwise) you find cannot be compared (in terms of funds) to a real estate investor

Use a realtor

A realtor or real estate agent can be termed as the bridge between a seller and multiple buyers. We use “multiple buyers” since you’ll get many (various) buyers bidding for your real property if you use a realtor. Your job, if you’re relocating and you choose to sell your house by using a realtor is to pick the highest bidder. Regardless, this method like all options/choices has pros and cons which can be seen below.


  • Many bidders to pick from
  • You don’t have to pay up-front since realtors get their payment in the form of commission
  • The pay is potentially good


  • Time-consuming since finding the highest bidder can take from days to months
  • Stressful because you might have to show your property to bidders in person
  • You’ll continue paying your mortgage or tax during your wait for the highest bidder

Using an investor in real estate

Provided of course, that your real property exists in these Texas cities: Bastrop, Burnet, Cedar Creek, Cedar Park, Elgin, Hutto, Liberty Hill, Manor, Pflugerville, and Roundrock, you can sell your house to us if you’re relocating. Housejiffy is a Tx family-owned company with 10 years plus of experience in solving property stresses. We do this by making use of our highly trained and thus, competent team. Essentially, on the part of repertoire (professionals, tools), we’re equipped to solve real estate issues regardless of the condition (i.e relocation). This extends down to issues such as foreclosure or even houses in dire condition (as-is).

Also, we’ll offer you cash up-front (a heads-up) except if you prefer another payment option. To conclude all of this, we will not charge you for our services just because you’re not in town. In other words, we’ll investigate your house, negotiate with you, and finalize the deal free of charge (regardless of distance). So if you relocating and need to sell house fast contact us.


  • You don’t have to pay mortgage or tax anymore
  • You do nothing so it’s stress-free
  • No waiting period (we pay immediately we agree on a deal)
  • Real estate investors are the highest bidder
  • Keeps credit card score intact


  • none

Rent the property out

If you’re relocating and selling your house is not suitable, you can rent it out to get income. Renting the house out involves putting your house on the market either by yourself or by using a real estate agent. The latter will easily publicize your house and you’ll have potential tenants showing interest in your real property.

Although, Realtors (real estate agents) usually collect their percentage so their services (as you may well know) are not free. Regardless, renting out your house entails finding the right tenants, preparing the property for the arrival of the tenants, ensuring the home complies with fire, gas, electrical, and furniture regulations, preparing the inventory of the property, and establishing a tenancy agreement. The latter (tenancy agreement) being the rules and regulations that’ll protect both the tenants and the landlord. To conclude, making use of this option has pros and cons which will be listed below.


  • Constant income if you find the right tenants (investment plan)
  • Stress-free if you use an estate manager to manage it
  • A property to fall back on


  • You might get the wrong tenants
  • Realtors cannot replicate your express supervision
  • Extremely time-consuming
  • Consumes funds which might later even result in a poor investment

Reading through the above content (including pros and cons), you should be able to choose whether or not renting your house out is the right move for you.

Do nothing with the house

This is a short-term option that can be used by you. It involves you leaving your house as it is until the time comes for you to make a decision on it (i.e sell it). Also, a friend or relative of yours could even help monitor the home in your stead. Nonetheless, this method is impractical if you’re still paying the mortgage on the house. As a matter of fact, even if you’re not paying the mortgage, you’ll still pay the taxes on the house. Now, failure to do any of the two will lead to a foreclosure or tax sale.

Both are essentially the same since they involve the lender (foreclosure) or taxing authority (tax sale) taking over your real property and selling it to cover the debts you owe (tax or mortgage). Nonetheless, if you’re not facing mortgage (tax not included) and you plan to visit your city (i.e for maintenance), this option is still reasonable.


  • Suitable as a short-term solution if you have the funds
  • No stress (you just leave it alone)


  • Maintenance (i.e cleaning) of the house lest complications arise
  • Risk of foreclosure
  • Unnecessary use of funds
  • Not a permanent solution

Summarily, you’re to go through the information above and choose an option that suits you. If you’re moving (relocating) and you want to sell your house, you can either use a realtor or you use the diverse services of Housejiffy (a real estate investor). Still, if you’d rather rent it out, then be prepared for the work you’ll do as a landlord. An alternative to this is to pend your property. Wherein you shouldn’t have any mortgage left to pay and you should be prepared for the tax.

Relocating and need to sell house fast has never been so easy.

When moving or relocating jobs we understand the stress! Let’s us worry about the house and you only worry about the move. We do it all for you and fast! So if you are relocating and need to sell house fast contact us immediately!

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