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You might not be in Texas due to a job transfer (business) or you might simply be relocating/moving. Regardless, it’s usually necessary for you to be at the location of your property if you want to sell it. You should note down “usually” since there are options that you can consider that will make your life easier. In other words, you might not be in Texas and you can still successfully sell your home. So, in regards to that point, here are two ways you can sell your house when you’re not in Tx.

You can sell through a real estate agent

A real estate agent or realtor is the individual who will market your house on your behalf. Their main method is advertisement. It is a powerful tool that can be used to reach different individuals regardless of the distance. These different individuals can also be called the bidders or potential buyers. They’ll talk to your agent, then your agent will communicate with you on the different tasks you have to make. Essentially, you have to prepare your home for the arrival of the buyers.

Meaning, first appearance is important and you will do well if your house sells at first glance. Still, there are disadvantages to this option. Firstly, since you’re not in Texas and you want to sell your house, maintenance might be an issue. Obviously, the realtor won’t clean up your home free of charge nor will he/she be the one to deal with it. So, additional fees are one disadvantage. Though, if you have a relative or a friend who can do this on your behalf, you can at least cut down the fees. Nonetheless, the relative/friend who’ll handle your house can’t skip the stress involved.

With that point, you have to know that a realtor will advertise your home through different channels. Though, they mainly the Multiple Listing Service. To use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), you’ll sign a contract that’ll last from a month to a year. During that time period, you will be looking for the highest bidder. So patience is required if you want a good deal (you pend your house). Regardless, you might not sell your house in that period. And in fact, even if you sell it, you might not find it a satisfactory deal. That said, if you don’t sell your house and your listing expires, you’ll have to relist it again. And throughout the listing period, you’ll still be handling the house tax, insurance, and maintenance.

Note: realtors collect commission which is a percentage cut from the total funds transferred to you from the buyer.

Sell to a real estate investor

Provided you prefer not to sell through a realtor and being a landlord is unappealing. You can sell your house to a real estate investor if you’re not in town. An estate investor (Housejiffy) won’t collect any commission and you can sell to us regardless of the distance. We do not pend houses for the highest bidder too. Instead, we’ll save you the time and still leave you well compensated. This ultimately means you’ll avoid handling the tax, insurance—and also maintaining the house (unnecessarily). For the latter, if your house isn’t maintained in the case of realtors, buyers will be turned off at first glance. And in the long run, you’ll spend more than you should in a bid to make your home physically appealing.

So, selling your Texas home to a property investor like Housejiffy means you don’t have to fix anything. We will buy your house as it is. Though, we will investigate the house and evaluate its worth in order to give you a satisfactory offer. Now, as the cash for maintenance is saved, you’ll also save up on tax and insurance. Essentially, you can sell your house to Housejiffy when you’re not in Texas for these advantages. The process is stress-free, budget-friendly (compared to alternatives), and the cash payment is satisfactory.

The two methods above are what you can consider if you want to sell your house when you’re not in Texas. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to sell the sell the house, you can use the option below.

Hire/find a third party to manage it

If you can find a relative or friend who can help you manage your property in your stead, that can prove helpful. Still, he/she might not manage some of the disadvantages involved. In other words, the individual won’t pay the tax on the house and the insurance fees too. Also, he or she won’t pay for maintenance needed for the house to run well. That includes the security measures that’ll help prevent pests/intruders from invading your home.

Alternatively, you could hire a third party to handle your house. This is perfect if you’re not selling your house and if you and any relative/friend are not in Tx. Regardless, one of the only areas where this is used is if you’re renting out your property. Hiring a third party (an agent to be more specific) ensures you’ll be able to operate at a distance from your property. Though, this is obviously not free. The agent will collect a commission which is a percentage (below 10 mostly) of the total funds received from your tenants. Also, using an agent means you won’t be able to personally oversee the proceedings of your property. No matter, this is still a good solution if you’re out of town. Wherein to sell your house is a process you’d rather avoid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I sell my house when I’m away?

A. You can sell your house through a real estate agent or you can sell it to a real estate investor (Housejiffy). Still, there’s another method you could have used. This is to sell the house by yourself. It would have worked if you were not out of Texas. And thus, it would have been included above.

Q. How much commission does a real estate agent make per sale?

A. It really depends on the each company’s experience and their level of quality. Nonetheless, real estate agents charge a fee of below 10% on every sale they make happen.

Q. Do real estate investors collect commission?

A. Real estate investors do not collect commission since they’re the buyers of your home. They won’t link you to buyers wherein you’ll choose the highest bidder (when you use real estate agent).

Q. What if my house is in need of repairs?

A. If your house needs repairs and you choose to sell it through a real estate agent, you can either fix it up and sell it. Or you can classify it as an as-is home and find a buyer for it. Though, as-is homes are a turn-off to potential buyers and so, it’ll help if you fix the house up. Nevertheless, Housejiffy will buy it no matter its condition (in need of repairs or otherwise).

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