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An out of state owner of a house can sell it fast via House Jiffy. We buy houses Austin, Tx, and our process is quick and easy to use. Besides, we help residents who are hard-pressed for money. As well, we assist residents who need to sell their homes fast and leave Texas.

Maybe your employer has transferred you to a different state with short notice. It could also be that you are looking to leave your old life and start afresh in a totally different place. We can assure you that selling a house fast is not as hard as you might think.

Selling a house as is in Austin, Tx, is possible

Don’t feel shy because you own an old house with serious repair issues. Whether those issues have to do with electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, basement or sewer lines, we could still buy your house. We do not even mind the fact that your house could be in the pre-foreclosure stage.

In reality, we help numerous foreclosure victims by buying their properties instantly. As the most reliable cash house buyers Austin, we make sure that you do not regret ever meeting us.

Just know that we are:

  • Trustworthy and believable. Our solid reputation is known all over Austin and surrounding metropolitans.
  • Independent service providers. House Jiffy does everything in-house. We have excellent lawyers who could process your home sale fast and accurately.
  • Professional Realtors. Our company consists of a team of top-notch, industrious investors. After being in the US housing industry for long, every member of our team is experienced, knowledgeable and dependable. We will know how to handle your case even if you want to sell your Texas home from another state.
  • Timely and free. The whole process of selling a home the traditional way is long and tedious. It is also expensive because of all the repairs that need to be done before a home is inspected. The best thing with us is that we buy houses fast Austin, Texas without asking you to meet any given cost.
  • Licensed and certified. House Jiffy is a serious service provider that is registered with the local government authorities. Hence, our business is legal and certified to run on the housing market. We have testimonials you can read to discover how we serve our customers.

How to sell my house Austin, Texas without a huge effort

As an out of state owner of a building, there is a lot you would have to do if you were to list the property yourself. The home must be well-staged to sell quickly. Additionally, you would have to be present to participate in the crucial stages of a home sale.

If your house has even a single repair issue, you could lose your first buyer. To avoid the back and forth trips from a different state that could become too expensive, sell your home at once to us. We will pay you straight away.

How we could simplify the selling process

When you are not available in Texas to sell your houses personally, House Jiffy could chip in. We will become your point of contact that is near the house you are selling. As we do business locally, there is no better solution than us.

Next, we will make you an attractive offer. If you decide to accept it, we will start the house buying process. In case the house is totally empty and vacant, our quick home sale process will even be easier.

If there are personal belongings inside the house, we would advise you to make a trip back home and remove them. You could even hire a removing company to clear the house and drop the items to the destination you choose.

We will close on your behalf

As we buy houses fast Austin Texas, you can expect the closing procedure to be super easy and quick. If you deal with us, there will be no need to find a suitable title company. That’s because we have in-house professionals who will follow-up the title search and related matters.

Our lawyers are trustworthy and reliable even when your turn to sign the documents comes. In short, our service is an all-inclusive package. Our turn-key solution guarantees that you will save time and money. Note that a home inspection will be free of charge and how it will turn out will not affect you but us.

The only thing we will have to agree on is the home price. If you agree to sell it to us according to the rate we will offer you, the rest of the home sale process will be our responsibility. This includes all fees that will be incurred when closing the sale.

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Whether you are out of Texas or moving out soon, welcome to our website. We would love to hear from you about any vacant house you wish to sell fast.

House Jiffy is too experienced to disappoint you. We are true professionals who will make the process easy, quick and fun.

Fill out the form and sell your house fast. You can stay where you are, we will handle it all here for you in Texas.

We love buying houses but most of all we love helping people when they think there is no solution. We are creative and strive to help you accomplish selling your house!

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Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Homes – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell fast!

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