We buy houses fast as-is, so you do not need to worry about repairs.

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We buy houses as is fast. So you will not have to worry about repairs or fees.

Need to sell fast, but have repairs?

Your house may need repairs, yet you want to sell it fast. What can you do if you cannot meet the repairing cost? The best solution is House Jiffy. We buy houses fast Austin Texas and its environs. So, if you have a problematic house with critical repair issues, we want to see it. Needless to say, any listed property should pass the home inspection test.

If it fails, many ordinary buyers will stop the contract and start looking for a better house. The main disadvantage is that your house could take longer to sell. As a matter of fact, it might never get a serious buyer. Hence, our cash purchase is a quick and suitable solution for you.

We buy houses Austin – Our process is super quick and easy

House Jiffy does not discriminate its potential home sellers. We accept everyone who expresses their interest in using our quick home sale service. How the property ended up ruined does not affect our decision. It could be that your home has mold or heating and cooling problems.

Also, there might be terrible smells emanating from your sewage system or has another plumbing matter. Maybe your home is never the same after the floods or storm that affected your area. It could also be possible that defective electrical wiring led to a big fire that damaged the house.

Just know that we are fine with how your house looks like right now. Assuming that your damaged house is now in the pre-foreclosure stage, you could be really stressed out. Do not worry, though; we are looking for those selling house as is Austin Texas.

Looking for the top cash house buyers Austin? We want foreclosure homes

Any property that is in the pre-foreclosure stage could be lost any time. We hope you realize that you still have a chance to stop the foreclosure process. All you should do is pay off what you owe the mortgage lender. It is imperative to do it fast; as if you don’t, the property could enter the auction stage.

The lender would have an advantage over you at the auction; of course, they would like you to get stuck. But where can you get a huge lump sum from to stop the foreclosure process? It is easy; sell your damaged home to us. We will buy it in cash, which will allow you to get off the lender’s hook.

We buy house as is. Fill out the form and sell your house fast, no fees, no repairs.

We know a house needs repairs over time, but that should not slow you down when trying to sell your house! We buy houses as is and make sure we handle everything for you.

We also help regarding other situations below!

Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Homes – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell fast!

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