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Illness is one of those serious life problems that everybody is likely to face any moment. When the sickness is severe, requiring an urgent admission and treatment, one can be sure of one thing— a big hospital bill.

While having medical insurance is brilliant, it may not be adequate to cover you when you have a degenerative disease like cancer.

There will be expenditures you will have that the insurer does not cover unless you had bought extra coverage. This is when selling an asset like a house becomes necessary.

Since a disease is an emergency, you might not have time too much time on your side to sell a house and use the proceeds to meet part of your medical bills. This is where a real estate expert like House Jiffy comes in.

We can be your best friend when you are down

Imagine being sick and at the same time having a financial crisis. It would be devastating.  Properties have several different issues. Perhaps you have skipped a few mortgage payments since your illness started and the house you want to sell might has now entered its pre-foreclosure stage.

No matter the case, we don’t mind, we buy houses Austin. House Jiffy is a fast home buyer and we pay in cash. We can, indeed, stop the foreclosure and we buy houses fast Austin Texas. In other words, we could prop you up at a moment like this when you feel all alone and sick.

We are pretty quick and thorough

Even if we are experienced real estate marketers, we understand life difficulties and hardships. They affect us too. So, we mean business when we say that we buy houses fast.

This is because we understand how miserable a sickly person might feel if they had no money to pay their hospital bills.

Hence, we make our house purchase process super quick, thorough and bountiful. We are cash house buyers Austin. This way we help eliminate your financial crisis so you can recover quickly and peacefully.

No more stress if you need to sell your house and join your sick relative

It may be possible that you are not the person who is sick. It could be your parent, sibling or relative who is sick. If they are in another state, you might be the only person they could count on.

Thus, you probably wish you could sell your home in Texas and move to where the sick person is. This will be easy with House Jiffy. We can close the home sale process super quick and ensure that the entire process is accurate.

We run our business in Houston, Tx, and the surrounding neighborhoods. If you have a property you would like to put up for sale quickly, just give us a call.

Don’t list your property during an emergency situation

There is one thing you should be careful with.  Remember that there are better houses that are also listed. Therefore, competition is tight and the best house will sell first.

Being ill or having a relative who has been ill for quite some time can interfere with your budget. This could mean that no matter how much you desire to repair your house well before sale you just cannot afford it.

If a house with even a single repair issue gets listed for sale, it might be bypassed by several investors who don’t want the responsibility of incurring any repair costs.

This is unlike us, House Jiffy since we buy any house. As long as the ownership can be substantiated, we will buy your property in no time at all.

We have professional lawyers

Perhaps you are lying in a hospital bed wondering how you could go through the home sale process successfully.

It could be that you have no family or friends you can fully trust to start and finish the business on your behalf.

Needless to say, you are in no condition to locate the best attorneys and real estate agents to carry out the home sale process for you.

Even if you find these professionals, they cannot close the sale as quickly as possible so you can get the lump sum you need. This is why you need House Jiffy. We are in the business of helping people who are struggling with life hardships sell their homes quickly and get the money they require.

As a consequence, we have in-house lawyers who can carry out the title search process. Our attorneys can also give you advice on anything about a house sale.

Our house sale is quick, easy and free

House Jiffy can buy any house regardless of having repair issues. As well, we don’t ask you to pay us anything so that we can buy your house fast. Instead, we close the sale and give you the lump sum you need.

If you accept our attractive offer, we will just start the sale process. In the end, we will give you the cash rather than make you bear unnecessary costs. Even if your property is in foreclosure, we can purchase it fast.

This will mean that you will get out of the situation without damaging your credits score. Hence, we urge you to let us help you during your illness. We promise to do a great job.

We care about your health and understand if you need to sell your house fast.

We are sisters that understand people and houses. At time things happen that makes owning a house stressful. If you are ill you diffidently should not be worrying about selling a house, we will handle it all for you!

We also help regarding:

Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Homes – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell fast!

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