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Heir to property and want to sell? Good information to know.

We Buy Houses, Austin in the Case of Death or Heirship

When a person dies, and he or she has a will, the estate is usually distributed according to the directions in the will. This is done after the burial expenses and any debts have been paid. In some cases, it is appropriate to challenge the will so that the law can take precedence over the wishes of the individual who died. If a person dies without a will, the succession law reform act sets out how the estate will be distributed. Many people opt to sell the property left behind by a loved one. If this is the decision you have made, you can contact HouseJiiffy. We buy houses Austin in the case of death/heirship. The following is the process you will go through when selling your house as is Austin.

Prove that you are the heir to an estate

If your loved one died and left a will naming you the heir, you need to prove to the estate trustee that you are the person named in the will. You may do this by showing the valid trustee identification such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate or driver license. You also need to provide a sworn statement referred to as an affidavit. The name of the estate trustee is included in the will. This person takes on the responsibility of carrying out the wishes of the deceased. You will not know how much of the estate you are entitled to until the trustee identifies the individuals who are entitled to inherit.

Selling a house without a will

If you want to sell a house without a will, you should take two steps. One of them is preparing the certificate of heirship. This is a sworn statement of facts regarding the family history, marital status, genealogy and the identities of the heirs of the deceased. The next step is preparing a deed, which transfers the title to the heirs of the property.

The benefits of selling a house quickly

Since we buy houses fast Austin, Texas residents can sell a house to us to avoid a foreclosure. When you opt to sell your house quickly, you may not have the benefit of raising the price of the house. However, you will reap several benefits. The main opportunity is that you can sell the house in less than ninety days. Selling an inherited property through cash house buyers Austin such as HouseJiffy is convenient. You will sell your house for cash and have lesser agreements to meet. By selling your house through our company, you can get the right returns without having to go through the commitments of a traditional sale.

The types of houses we look for

If you are wondering how to sell my house fast Austin, we can assist you. At HouseJiffy, we seek to meet the needs of families rather than lenders. If you have any distress issue regarding a house, we can buy the house within a short period. We can purchase your home even if it does not have any equity. We can purchase a house that is in poor condition that no lender is willing to finance any prospective buyer. We are also ready to buy homes that have code violations, liens and other legal issues attached to them. The reason for this is that we are professional cash house buyers Austin rather than realtors. We know a lot about real estate, legal resources and the funds available to fix many real estate issues or purchase your house for cash.  We buy real estate nationwide. Instead of thinking about us as a homebuyer service, you should think of us as your real estate problem solver. We seek to assist homeowners to solve their property issues. The homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes usually come to us after failing to sell their homes through the traditional means or when they need to sell their home quickly. We are able to provide these homeowners with a cash offer. In some cases, we can ask the lender to renegotiate the debt of the homeowner in order to alleviate his or her burden. At HouseJiffy, our goal is not to take advantage of you. Instead, we seek to offer a fair solution to your problem in the shortest time possible.

Expenses accumulate daily, so we purchase homes fast

At HouseJiffy, we understand that financial constraints are urgent. We know that is difficult to sell your house due to death/heirship or to avoid defaulting on the mortgage or filing for bankruptcy. Some real estate professionals may not be ready to solve the issue you are facing due to their own selfish motives. We do not work like that. We never compromise on our timelines, and we act fast to get things done within the shortest time possible in order to help you save money and time. We will buy your home without having to worry about the difficult and lengthy home selling process. We have been in the real estate business for many years. We are knowledgeable and financially able to assist you. If you have an inherited house, do not hesitate to communicate with us about the property today.

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