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Heir to property and want to sell? Good information to know.

Firstly, heirship homes are properties that arise when an individual dies without drafting up a will to show that this individual or a particular set of individuals own(s) a property. This would have also been easily solved but as most of the time, the deed of the property/asset doesn’t include the name(s) of the heir(s) so therein occurs a conundrum of who (regardless of amount) the house/property should go to.

Also, percentage especially when there is more than one potential owner is a problem most heirs face in heirship homes. Regardless, if you remember the statement “sell my house”, that’s where we come in. We will buy your house regardless of the state, location, etcetera—in as much as the property (your heirship home) exists in Texas.

Nonetheless, let’s move towards the part of information, wherein lies another problem with heirship homes. To be more specific, this is the provision of evidence to the court that you (the heir) are the most compatible to inherit the property. Doing this can be a bit complicated since there is no paper trail linking you to the property (this can be classified as a “cloudy” or “clouded” title by lawyers so heads up if you employ our services).

So, you’ll have to prove yourself to the law that you own the property left by the decedent (deceased individual). To do this, you can either probate the will if there’s a will or complete an affidavit of heirship if there’s no will.

Probating a will

When a will is left behind by the decedent, there is a must for it to be probated. In fact, all wills are probated since the court needs to get the heirship issues out of the way before disbursement and management of the real property can occur. But we digress, probating a will means that you the executor (the individual appointed by the deceased to manage his or her real estate/assets) want to establish the fact with the court that the will is valid and legal. Also, you want the court to witness that you’re the executor of the will and thusly, you’ll be the one to distribute the assets (according to the will).

Though, you should take note that you can still avoid probating a will if the real estate is small and its total value (according to the law in Texas) is low than $50,000. In this case, a small estate affidavit is used. Nonetheless, if your wish is to probate a will, you should still stay your hand till you consider the reasons why most people avoid probating their will.

The experience on the part of the executor

Being the executor of a will means the decedent trusts you a lot. You’ll be the one to distribute the funds, real property, and all other assets to the involved parties (children, relatives, wife, etcetera). Despite this, the experience is complicating. You’ll be responsible for all the parts of the will. No funds will/can be wasted by you, the house must be maintained, the property taxes, mortgage payments, and so much more will be done by you. Summarily, all the faults and benefits of the property/assets/funds will be managed by you.

Lack of funds on the part of the involved parties

This is crucial to the first disadvantage of probating a will. The involved parties will have to foot the bills on all the above if there is lack of funds. Now, most people are turned off by this since if they have their own property issues/stresses, it will double especially if the house/property in question is a family house which is big and hare to manage (maintenance fees). This, in turn, makes it hard to cope with the funds needed for maintenance of the property (house).

Wishes of the dead

Reason this; the deceased (or decedent) lacks fund to leave his or her family member/relative with so he or she leaves a wish that the house be sold and the funds generated through the transaction be distributed amongst the eligible parties. So, the involved parties will have to sell the property/assets or do any and all things the decedent wants in regard to the property.

This might not be enough reason but couple the fact that probating a will is expensive and time-consuming, and you have another reason why people avoid probating a will. They’ll rather pursue another method that will allow them to sell the house/asset without expending so much of their funds and time.

Do take note that these are not the only reasons why probating a will is avoided by people. The fact just remains that they’re the most common reasons. The first will turn off the potential executor and he or she will reject the position (that can be fixed by using an attorney though, but what if there is lack of funds?). The second will turn off the eligible parties and they’ll reject probating the will. The third on the hand involves respecting the wishes of the decedent (deceased) which clearly states that he or she wants the house sold.

Lastly, probating a will (like we said) is time and funds consuming, and since people might eventually choose to sell their heirship houses/home, there might not be a need for it.

Completing an affidavit of heirship

On the other hand, an affidavit of heirship will save time (on the part of the executor) and funds/money (eligible parties) if they choose to use this method. Though, before we get off track, it should be known that completing an affidavit of heirship is mainly for individuals who want to inherit the property/asset of a decedent (with no will).

The above is just to prove a point that most individuals choose to complete an affidavit of heirship (to know the eligible parties concerning a property/will) rather than to probate the will. In regards to completing an affidavit of heirship, the process usually involves an individual (family member) that’s knowledgeable about the family history, genealogy, marital status, and heirs of the deceased.

So, he or she will be one of the witnesses (two other uninvolved parties) who will sign and notarize the affidavit. Also, for this to work, the individual will need a title company.

After all of this, a deed will be prepared which will transfer the ownership of the house to the eligible heirs/parties.

We respect your situation and will make this selling process easy for you.

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If you qualify for this, selling the property might be due to the wishes of the deceased or due to the heirs agreeing on this (or single heir too). Regardless, our team will be used extensively by you to settle this particular situation and luckily, yours won’t be the first.

If the end game whether you probate the will or complete an affidavit of heirship is to sell your heirship house, you should know that our interests are then aligned. Unlike realtors who will only find a buyer for you, we’ll provide the title company, lawyers, etcetera free of charge to make the proceedings run smoothly. So, contact us today at Housejiffy if you want to make use of our diverse services.

We will help you complete the affidavit of heirship by making use of our title companies—after which we will buy the house/property from you and then distribute the funds in a way that will leave all the eligible parties satisfied. Summarily, if you fall under the category of “buy my heirship home fast”, we will buy it—wherein all of the services mentioned above will be free.

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