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Avoid expired listing—is there a way to skip listing the house and just sell it?

A listing can be explained as the process of exposing a property (house) to buyers by putting it on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It’s essentially a way of advertising your house with MLS which can last anywhere between months to a year. You can either list your house independently or you can use real estate agents in that regard. For the former, you have to do the following.

List the house yourself

Price your house

You have to competitively price your house before you list your house yourself with the MLS. In this regard, the internet offers you a vast well of information. All you have to do is seek it and you’ll find the best prices that you can offer buyers. Although, keep in mind that these prices must be an advantage for you. You shouldn’t choose to bargain a deal that isn’t profitable. Typically, do not underpay yourself. And neither should you overprice the house lest you turn off potential buyers.

Tidy up

Clean your house up prior to advertising it. A tidy home is always appealing to potential buyers. And since you’re selling your property personally, you can fix up the house to make it more attractive to users. Things such as deep cleaning the carpets, washing the closets, and tidying up the kitchen will win over a lot of bidders.

Marketing your home

Firstly, a listing on the MLS will be needed (very important) for you to expose your property/house to potential buyers. You can do this by finding listing services in Tx. This is one of the most important steps that you can take since it actually gives you the choice of choosing the highest bidder.

Secondly, you should advertise your house by putting up “For Sale” signs, creating ads on Craigslist, Facebook, telling all your friends on Facebook, and have an open house.  The prospective buyers will come take a look and you might even find a buyer by using this method. Overall, make sure you publicize the fact that you’re selling your house online and offline.

Note: Know that you still may have an “expired listing sell my house fast” attitude because not everything is guaranteed.

Sell the house

After going through the above steps, you should be well prepared to welcome different buyers into your home. This is because there’s a possibility that there will be multiple buyers and all you’ll have to do is show them your house. In this case, focusing on the selling points of your house should help convince the buyers. So, by doing these things and if all goes well, you should be able to sell your house fast.

With the above, we can say the advantages of listing your house yourself is that you give no commission to real estate agents. The most you’ll do is pay the listing agency for putting your house on MLS and thus, advertising to potential buyers. On the other hand, the stress and time you’ll have to expend is something you’ll most likely lack. You’ll list the house, advertise it yourself, welcome prospective buyers, and lastly, sign contracts to conclude the deal. Hopefully, things work out and you will not have that “expired listing sell my house fast” attitude.

The latter, if it’s in the case of divorce homes (for example), might require a lawyer. Furthermore, if you’re new to selling independently, you’ll most likely be offered unsatisfactory funds for your home. Summarily, we have real estate agent and real estate investors for a reason. They can handle the stress better because they’ve been doing it for a while now.

Use a real estate agent

A real estate agent will do all the above to sell your property (house). Real estate agents link sellers with different potential buyers. In other words, they’ll price your house, list with the MLS for prospective buyers to see it, complement the listing with further advertisements, and welcome all potential buyers. All you’ll have to do in this scenario is to choose the highest bidder. That said, you’ll have to pay a commission for the services they’ll render in your stead.

So, we can say the disadvantage of using a realtor in listing your house is that you’ll pay a commission. This would have been considered small but it’s not since the market prices fluctuate. And in the long run, such commission might leave the deal unsatisfactory. Furthermore, their method (listing generally) takes time especially if you’re pending your home to get the highest bidder. On the other hand, the advantage to using realtors is that you’ll skip all the stress and you’ll save time as well.

Nonetheless, what happens when your listing with the MLS expires? That can be called an expired listing—which is a subject that’s common to using realtors and selling independently. That said, an expired listing occurs when your listing reaches its expiration date. In other words, the house has been listed between 1-12 months and it hasn’t been sold yet. In cases like this, you’ll have to list it again with the MLS since they’re essentially a very large real estate market.

Now, to increase your chances (sell the house) and to avoid another expired listing, you can use the following.

Tips for avoiding expired listing

Marketing strategies

This is particularly helpful in case you skipped any of the steps above. Firstly be loud on Facebook and tell all your friends! Secondly, you should review your marketing strategies yourself or contact your real estate agent (if you use one). If there’s any method left or any idea that can be donated by your realtor, kindly use it. This doesn’t ensure that you will sell your house fast but it increases your chance of avoiding an expired listing (once again). Lastly, kindly evaluate other similar houses. There might be a possibility that your house is overpriced.

The condition matters

Sometimes, concessions must be made to guarantee a smooth sale. If tidying up your house isn’t enough, you might have to consider doing some repairs. Especially if there are apparent problems that most prospective buyers will notice right away. In regards to that, you might be trying to sell an as-is house or a property close to it. Usually, most buyers are turned off by as-is homes. Which in turn leads to expired listings when you don’t sell your house before the expiration date.

Check out other agents

If you used a real estate agent in listing your home with the MLS before, you shouldn’t rush into another listing contract with the agent. Take your time to go through other agents and investigate their methods before making a choice on who to hire. With that said, their methods are mostly similar but you might still get some strategies/methods that you can use to sell your house.

A price reduction

Regardless if you use a real estate agent or you tried selling independently, try reducing the price of your home to attract buyers. This doesn’t mean it will be non-profitable since that’ll arouse suspicion on the part of the prospective buyers. Still, it will be a reduction in price that shouldn’t cost you too much. In this particular case, you won’t be affected too much if you’re listing your house personally. On the other hand, using a realtor means the commission stays the same so, the price reduction will be felt. Essentially, reduce the price, use the previous tips as complements, potentially sell your house, and avoid an expired listing.

Alternatively, if you do not want to go through a listing (again or otherwise), you can use the services of a real estate investor. That is, you can use Housejiffy to avoid expired listing when you sell your house to us.


There will be no contract (1-12 months)/listing, no advert, and no stress. We simply just buy your house. Think of it this way, all the disadvantages faced in the options above, you simply avoid them.

In regards to that, Housejiffy to say the least is a Texas-based, family-owned company that has invested over 10 years of experience in solving property issues. This involves (but is not limited to) as-is homes, divorce homes, homes due to foreclosure, houses due to relocation, and heirship homes. Housejiffy has a team that includes lawyers, title companies, and contractors. Summarily, we’re tailored to handle any property issue you might have by being the highest bidder.

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