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    Your Listing is expired, but your house hasn’t sold!? Here’s some tips that might be useful..

    Sometimes selling your house with a realtor just doesn’t work out. This is actually more common then told, and there could be several reasons why.. needed repairs, to high of a sales prices, even something basic, like bad photos. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

    Price your house correctly

    You need to price your house competitively on the market if you want to sell fast. There is a market standard and professionals refer to this number/price as the AMV, or average market value. This price is determined by homes around you and what they are selling for. It also accounts for differences in these homes, such as repairs, upgrades, location, size, and many other factors. Its best to have a professional compare the market and determine listing price. Unfortunately, like any field, some people just don’t know what they are doing. Price is important, very important. If you aren’t priced accordingly, your buyer foot traffic is going to suffer and so will the sell.

    Tidy up

    This might seem basic, but.. clean your home. Buyers can be turned off by the slightest thing, a smell, a dirty kitchen or bathroom and even the wrong paint color, but we’ll get to that later.  A tidy home is always appealing to potential buyers. Consider deep cleaning the carpets, wiping down baseboards, and tidying up the kitchen. This simple step will help you get an offer and maybe even a sell.

    Condition matters

    This is where that custom paint color comes into play..  Usually, most buyers are turned off by outdated homes. Which in turn can lead to expired listings and lost time on the market, simply because the home is not up to date. Repairs and upgrades can be costly but there are a few things you can do to look updated without throwing out the budget.    1. Declutter, having to much stuff around can give the appearance of old and junky. Let people focus on the home not the decor.. unless you have a model staged home that is. Update just a few fixtures in priority areas. 2. Consider changing the light in the kitchen or the master suit. 3. Paint that pink wall. If there is a custom wall in your home or even a dirty high traffic wall, a coat of paint can work wonders.

    Use House Jiffy!

    Paint colors don’t matter, that extra ring around the tub, no problem. We know life is busy and stressful. so we make selling your house fast, easy and free. No fees, No Hassle, in a Jiffy!


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