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    Make your estate sale a good one.

    A real estate can be termed as a property consisting of land and any natural resources residing on it. Also, a real estate comprises of any building built on the land. So, that touches shops, estate, apartment, homes, malls, etcetera. Now, the term real estate is a legal one that is used in business by real estate brokers and property investors. It entails the buying, selling, and renting of a building. For example, if you sell a house, we can say you’ve made a real estate transaction. If you rent out a home, that can be considered a real estate transaction also.

    What does an estate sale entail?

    In an estate sale, you simply have to sell your home which isn’t as simple as one would think. You have three options which can be further complicated depending on the scenario. To go in-depth, you can sell through a real estate broker, to a property investor, or independently. After this, conditions like availability and the appearance of your house will add to the stress involved in selling your home.

    Still, let’s take it one by one.

    Who is a real estate broker/agent?

    A real estate broker/agent to simplify everything—is the person who will help sell a real estate on the behalf of an individual. He or she will list your house with the Multiple Listing Service, advertise on different channels, and also put up “For Sale” signs. This ensures that your real estate (property) will be properly publicized and thus, you may have different potential buyers. Regardless, if your contract with the agent expires, you’ll have to relist your home again. In other words, you will wait for buyers again and deal with all the stress involved. Also, during this/that time period, tax and maintenance fee might be an issue. The taxing company doesn’t care if you want to sell your house.

    So, they’ll keep on collecting their due. Likewise the environment/elements. Rain, heat, pests, etcetera will need to be managed especially if the home is empty. So, using a real estate broker is a way you can employ to make an estate sale if you’re willing to sell. Nonetheless, do note that realtors get paid by getting a commission. They typically get 6% of the total fund that’s exchanged during the estate sale. Meaning, they get paid after the house has been sold.

    Sell to a property investor

    If you want to make an excellent estate sale, another method you can make use of is to sell to a property investor. In this case, Housejiffy is a perfect solution. Housejiffy won’t advertise your home and thus, we won’t wait for the highest buyer. So, you don’t have to relist your home nor do you need to pay taxes on the house or maintain it. Also, Housejiffy won’t collect any commission on the funds being exchanged so you get the full pay. Furthermore, you will not worry about different buyers inspecting your home or the stress involved in cleaning it up for their arrival.

    This is because you’ll have only one buyer who’ll handle all proceedings on your behalf. Housejiffy will buy your house and provide you the cash up-front. This stays true regardless of the condition of your home and its location in Texas. Although, do note that we’ll evaluate your home to guarantee a smooth transfer of ownership. Summarily, you get to avoid the disadvantages met in using realtors.

    Sell your real estate independently

    Selling your real estate independently comes with some benefits. Firstly, you won’t have to share the funds given by the seller if your house is purchased through a realtor. That is, there will be no commission given—since you’ll fully take over the sale of your estate. Also, you will gain a lot of experience in the process regardless if you’ve sold a house before or not. Still, the disadvantage is that you’ll do a lot of stressful work.

    You’ll be the one to advertise your house by listing with the MLS, holding an open house, and distributing the information through media channels. Now, here comes the difference though; you need experience to properly handle all of the above. There are a lot of experienced buyers out there that’ll use your inexperience to their advantage. Meaning, you might very well find the offered sum from different buyers disappointing.

    Now, as we’ve established the solutions, there is a need to specify places where you can use them. So, the below are the scenarios that you can solve/manage using the solutions above. They’re a short version of what people face during house sales.

    While making an estate sale problems

    Difficult circumstances

    Selling your house sometimes entail situations like foreclosure, relocation, divorce, sickness, heirship and inheritance, and poor house condition. In cases such as this, speed and high work quality are very much needed. Foreclosure, for example, occurs when you have mortgage payments pending. The company (bank) that you owe will then take over your property if you don’t pay the funds.

    They’ll then sell it and maybe, the funds gotten from the sale will clear the debt. If not, you’ll have to settle the rest of the debt whilst left with no house. Now, if the person wants to sell the house to cover the debt, it must be done swiftly. Else, the bank will take over the house. Nonetheless, the solutions to this situation are above. You could choose to use a realtor or you can sell independently but that’s not fully recommended in this scenario. This is because these options (in the last sentence) take time to properly work.

    Lack of buyers

    You might not have sold your house for some reasons. And one of them might be the appearance. The house might be physically unappealing and so, it will turn off potential buyers. To fix this, consider cleaning up the house a bit. Also, the price of the house might be too much and it’s pushing away the prospective buyers. So, reducing it might make it more appealing. That said, your agent might be the issue here too. The overall quality of his or her work might be unsuitable to run the sale successfully. In that case, you can consider other agents out there. Though, this point is moot if you do an estate sale personally. Notwithstanding, another definite way you can make use of—wherein you won’t waste time is to use a property investor.

    So, in regards to the above, you can summarily use a real estate broker, sell independently, or sell to a property investor. For the latter, Housejiffy is a family-owned business that’s tailored to solve different property stresses. Making an estate sale happen in all of that is a stress-free and time-saving process.

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