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In a divorce and need to sell your home?

Did you know that you could sell a house so fast and pay nothing? Yes, that’s right; you can do it through us. House Jiffy can protect you from the unscrupulous real estate agents, solicitors, and brokers. But, how can we do this? We buy houses fast Austin Texas. Hence, we could promptly buy yours when you are facing the hardships of life.

Even if you are going through a nasty divorce case, we are ready to assist you. And the amazing thing about us is that we don’t ask for any fees. House Jiffy meets all closing costs and does not subject people to horrible surprises like hidden fees.

Kinds of houses we buy

We buy any house no matter how old or uninteresting it might be. If you have a maisonette, an apartment, a condo, bungalow, beach villa, manor, townhouse or detached or semi-detached building, we want to buy it. Avoid further stress if your house just can’t sell.

All you need to do is make that one call that could change your situation forever. Note that nothing can deter us from buying your house quickly. We buy houses Austin and our company has a good reputation. If the house is really yours, we will acquire it. So, let us know about your building no matter the size, age, architectural design, or repair issues. We will certainly buy it.

I want to sell my house fast Austin – Why you shouldn’t list your house

As a novice home seller, there are horrible realities you will surely face. First of all, you must repair your house before listing it. Otherwise, your house could fail inspection. Usually, this causes the buyer to cancel the contract. This takes you back to square one, as the only way to retain the first buyer is to spend more money on home repairs.

If not, you will have to look for another home buyer. This is a difficult task when you are facing divorce. You must list your property on the open market and commit yourself to the home viewing process. If the price range does not please your potential buyers, you have to keep waiting for the right one.

Home repairs can take weeks or months, depending on your ability to obtain funds. When you want money quickly, a lengthy repair process is an unsuitable solution. Even if you get a willing buyer, they might not raise the home purchase fund by themselves. They would most likely find a mortgage lender who could suit their budget.

Even though they get through this step, you cannot be certain that the lender would not change their mortgage terms in the near future. If they change the terms, the home buyer may back out. In addition, they might fail you because they have found a better offer than yours.

There are numerous other reasons why you should not sell your home by yourself when you need instant cash.

House Jiffy is among the most seasoned cash house buyers Austin, Texas

As you may have realized, listing a home hoping to sell it swiftly can backfire. This would trigger even more stress on your part. It would be mean being a victim of difficult situations for several weeks or months.

Since we know how painful it is to face debt collectors, foreclosure, bankruptcy and other money issues, we have a no obligation cash offer for you.

We promise to close the sale quickly so that you can have the lump sum you require. Here are more reasons why you should speak to us.

  • We accept all houses – At House Jiffy, we purchase any house for cash. Selling house as is Austin is among our top priorities. We have no middlemen that might scam you. Instead, we handle the process by ourselves with our funds. If you need a hassle-free and quick home sale, give us a call now.
  • We have in-house professionals – Our quick house sale service guarantees the seller a hundred percent cash payment. There are no fees on the buyer’s part. This is simply because we can afford the entire home sale process. Our company has excellent professionals who facilitate the whole process. Hence, we will not ask you to get your own solicitors, agents, brokers or other third parties. We have experts on board.
  • We do completely legal transactions – Each home sale situation is unique. Regardless of the reasons you have for selling a house fast, count us in. We assign you a solicitor who will see to it that the entire transaction is done legally and in your best interest. Even if you decide to withdraw, we will not charge you any money.
  • We let you set the timescale – If you were to go with our method, you would get cash sooner than you envisage. However, we respect the fact that you have your schedule and plans. That’s why we give you full control of the quick sale. Even if you want to sell quickly than we expect, we will strive to meet our goal.
So, what’s next?

The action you should take now is to call us. We are available throughout the week. Even when we are not working, we can pick up your phone call or read your email. So, feel free to speak to us, regardless of your divorce case. House Jiffy understands your situation completely.  As we buy houses fast Austin Texas, and its neighborhoods, we can purchase your house when you please.

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If you are in a divorce or divorced and need to sell a house fast we can help. We buy houses from Austin and surrounding areas.