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In a divorce and need to sell house fast? Read First!

Are you thinking, “divorce need to sell house fast”? The best thing to do while in a divorce and need to sell my house fast, may not be selling. Every circumstance is different regarding your house and divorce.  You may need to sell fast because there are not two incomes and house payment is high or you may need to relocate, there are many scenarios.

Below are some options you can look into regarding your divorce and selling your house quickly if needed. To get a direct solution to your situation simply fill out the form and we will help you FREE of charge. We are here to help guide you and buy your quickly if needed.

1. Signing a Quitclaim Deed

A Quitclaim Deed is a legal way by which an individual transfers the interests of a real property to another. The person who transfers the real property is called a grantor and he or she transfers the full interests of a real property to a recipient called a grantee. There are, of course, other ways that you can transfer a property to another (grant deeds or warranty deeds). Still, in this kind of scenario, the best possible route individuals (divorce) can take is the Quitclaim Deed.

This is mainly because the process is easy, fast, and inexpensive. So, the parties involved won’t expend any fund on what they might consider pointless. Now, signing the Quitclaim Deed means that an individual has transferred all the rights/interests of a real estate to his or her ex-partner whilst still having his or her name on the mortgage.

So, this means, regardless of what happens, the involved individuals will still have to ‘foot the bill’ so to speak. What this ensures is that both parties won’t be able to bail on each other when it concerns a property they both expressed interest in before the divorce.

Lastly, the grantor should know that the grantee can sell the house or rent it out at any time without he or she (the grantee) owing him or her (grantor) anything.

2. Live Together

Yes I know you are thinking, “divorce need to sell house fast and what the crap… live together?” It’s a bit unconventional especially when you consider the fact that a divorce just occurred. Nevertheless, sometimes, the involved parties might live together since it’s better that way in the long run. It’s certainly better than selling the house at a subpar rate and also since there might still be issues that need settling. So, you could say, when two divorcees live together, they are looking for a better pay than the one that’s currently available. Although, as this requires time, you (the involved parties) might not be able to sell your house fast. Lastly, for this scenario to work, both parties will have to make concessions. This is done so as to avoid tension/fights that might escalate beyond control. If this is not possible (due to the cause of the divorce), another option should be considered.

3. Do a Short Sale on the House

A short sale can be considered as the process by which a lender (bank) agrees to collect a sum less than the one owed by the borrower (homeowners). This is obviously used to clear debts on the part of the homeowners. Still, there’s a condition that must be met before the lender agrees to this. The owners must show evidence of their financial crisis or else the lender won’t consider them eligible for this option.

This is a good deal but one of the disadvantages is that the homeowners (divorcees) will be left with no home to live in (completely makes the first option obsolete). And also, there will be no disbursement since the lender takes it all. Also, divorcees who agree to do a short sale will be left with a bad credit card score. This, in the long run, makes renting a house or even buying another home/real property hard.

Note: this is only possible if you still have mortgage payments and you don’t want to worry about them again.

4. Rent Out the Home

Renting out the house can be a solution to your situation. You can come to a peaceful agreement on this wherein you’ll rent out the house for long periods of time. After which, disbursement occurs in a suitable amount. Or, you can agree to do it for a short while—so as to avoid doing a short sale. This has an added benefit on the market price of your real property since it will go up.

Another benefit of this is that the divorcees will have extra funds. So, they can start moving on with their lives prior to any permanent solution concerning the real property. Despite this fact, both parties still have a part to play that might be stressful. They must both handle the responsibilities involved in renting out the house (maintenance fees and management of the property). Also, if you rent out the house, your continued association might lead to tense situations. This will definitely not be appreciated by any of the parties involved in the divorce.

5. Selling the House

This is certainly better than doing a short sale since you might still have funds left. And also, when you consider the fact that you’ll be able to skip options like living together, signing a Quitclaim Deed, and renting out the house, you’ll have to agree that this is quite possibly, the best option you have, pertaining to real property. The best way to execute this option is if you have equity on the house. This ensures the real property can be quickly liquidated and then the funds, shared/split between both parties.

Due to this (and as we’ve already hinted), selling is the cleanest way you can handle real properties left as a result of divorce. One thing that should be noted down though is that selling a house is all about choice. You can either sell fast to a real estate investor like Housejiffy or you can use a realtor to find a buyer for your house.

Divorce and need to sell house fast! Sell it to Housejiffy

You can sell your house fast to Housejiffy without all the disadvantages (minor or otherwise) involved in the other options. The situation will be handled swiftly, with no tension so as to deliver a great experience to users. In the case of divorce homes, we (from experience) know that the experience due to a divorce is unsettling. So, this is the reason we move fast unlike in the case of realtors. Also, distribution of funds between both parties will be taken care off.

Thus, we’ll leave the parties involved well compensated either by offering cash upfront or taking any other preferred (by the divorcees) payment option. Furthermore, since you’ll be left with funds from the deal, we’ll advise you on which property-related path is safe. So, at the end of it all, you’ll be well off. And do not worry, this service and more (title companies and evaluation of equity) are free.

Selling to a buyer through a realtor

Using a realtor is good since they’re the links to different buyers out there. So, all you have to do is pick the highest bidder for your property. This sounds good but it’s not safe since divorce homes usually require speed in order to resolve the situation. An example of such situations is the experience undergone during the divorce. Speed allows the divorcees to put the experience behind them and sadly, as we’ve mentioned, realtors might be incapable of such. Although, if you use a realtor, you can as well choose the first bidder you find. Still, waiting for a higher bidder is possible but that’s not suitable for this scenario. Summarily, using a realtor doesn’t guarantee you’ll find a buyer to buy your divorce house fast.

On the other hand, using the services (free) of a real estate investor ensures you’ll sell your house fast.

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