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Dealing with divorce and need to sell your house fast? Here’s a few options..

Every circumstance is different regarding your home and divorce. You may need to sell fast because there are no longer two incomes, or maybe you need to quickly relocate, its possible you’ve even thought… “This divorce has drained me and I need to sell my house”? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Divorce is stressful, selling your home shouldn’t be. Below are some options you may find interesting and helpful for selling your house quickly. To get a personal solution to your situation, simply fill out the form and we will be there to help! No fees, No hassle, just great service in a Jiffy!

1. Rent Out the Home

Renting your home out could be a solution, without having to sell. Though, rental properties can be a nuisance, this will give you time to get your affairs in order before you decide to sell. Renting can help cover the payment on the home but most renters will want to sign a year lease. Anything less than 1 year also reduces your profit on renting the home out.

Really, the most benefit in renting out your home is you can move forward prior to any permanent solution concerning the real property.

2. Traditional Home Sale

The market is prime in Austin and selling your house could be a easy win.. that is if you can handle the stress and fees that go along with it. Typically, traditional home sales include at least a 6% sales commission, and that doesn’t even include the title fees. There are staging issues, maintenance, and home repairs, all before you even start negotiating the sales price. If you are strapped for time or money this option is probably not for you. But, If your home is ready for the market and your can afford the time… this option should be on the top of your list.

3. Sell in a Jiffy!

At House Jiffy, you can sell your house fast, without all the disadvantages involved in traditional home sales. Our business is helping you find the solution that works best for you, so you can sell your house fast! Our team looks at more than just numbers. We want to help you! Our solutions get you on your way with cash and confidence. No fees, No Hassle, in a Jiffy!


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If you are in a divorce or divorced and need to sell house fast, We can help! We provide solutions for distressed homeowners in  Austin and the surrounding areas. Give us a call and see what we have to offer today!