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Are You Behind on Payments? – Sell Your House to Cash House Buyers Austin

Are you behind on payments for your house? If you are in such a situation, we can assist you. At HouseJiffy, we focus on assisting families rather than banks. If you are distressed because you cannot pay your mortgage on time, we can buy your house quickly. It is important to note that many people fall behind on their mortgage payments due to various reasons. There are a number of things you should avoid doing. The following are some of the things to you should not do when you are facing a foreclosure, or you are behind on your mortgage payments.

·         Fail to do anything at all

It is surprising that one of the commonest reactions, when homeowners are delinquent, is failing to do anything at all. They do not call the mortgage firm, look for other options and do not send in their mortgage payments. You should not pretend that the problem does not exist. A missed or late mortgage payment with no explanation is a red warning flag to a mortgage company. It will also incur penalties and late fees.

·         Lie to the mortgage lender

It can be tempting to lie to the lender about your circumstances so that you can negotiate a more favorable settlement. However, this is a bad idea. If you do so, you may end up with an agreement, which postpones the inevitable or end up being charged with fraud. The best option is to sell your house to cash house buyers Austin.

·         Avoid the lender

Most people do not like calling creditors to inform them that they will be unable to make a payment. However, if you make such a call, you will establish yourself as willing to work with the lender to resolve the problem. It is advisable to call the lender when you know that your payment will be late. You can then explain your situation and negotiate a reasonable alternative.

·         Make uninformed, hasty decisions

When you are behind on payments, one of the most vital things you should know is when to ask for assistance and when to let go. You should be realistic about your circumstances. If your situation is temporary because of an illness or job loss, you may be able to make up your missed payments by paying more for several months. You may also renegotiate with the lender or search for a loan that can help you make up for your lost payments. The other option is to sell your house to HouseJiffy. We buy houses Austin regardless of their condition. Whatever you opt to do, make sure that you take your time to study all your options and select the one that leaves you in the best position.

·         Failing to research about your rights

It is essential to consult with a lawyer before you take any action to sell your house when you are behind on payments. In the ideal situation, you should work out a payment plan with the mortgage lender, short sell it or sell it outright. Before you short sell it or sell it outright, you should check if there are clauses in your mortgage that are keeping you from prepaying early or prohibiting you from making a deal. With the assistance of a lawyer, you may delay the foreclosure without the need to file for bankruptcy while allowing you to sell your house.

Selling a house during a foreclosure

When a house goes into foreclosure, the bank is beginning the process of reclaiming the property that it has a lien on. In general, foreclosure proceedings begin after a few missed payments. This process can take up to one year to complete. During the foreclosure process, you have many options. For instance, you can sell your house during a foreclosure, you will still have legal rights to the house, and the equity built into it. You can also try to negotiate a short sale with the lender. A short sale allows you to sell the house for any amount the lender agrees to. The lender will then forgive any outstanding balance or can only claim a part of the balance according to state law. At HouseJiffy, we can buy your house fast to help you avoid a foreclosure. We handle everything and offer solutions to the issue you are facing. Therefore, selling your house as is Austin is not difficult.

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HouseJiffy is one of the leading homebuyers. Since we buy houses fast, Austin Texas residents can count on us. We purchase houses daily for cash, and we can buy yours regardless of its current condition. We purchase houses, condominiums, townhouses, duplexes and multitenant buildings. One of the things we look for as we buy houses is property owners who would like to sell their house in “as is” condition for a cash buyout. We pay for all the closing costs, handle the needed repairs and pay cash. We can close the sale in as quickly as one month. You just have to contact us to begin the process. Regardless of the kind of home you own, HouseJiffy is ready to make a no obligation offer to buy the house in cash. It does not matter if your house has structural defects or needs some repairs. You can count on us to come to your rescue with a fair and fast cash offer. Contact us if you are looking for an opportunity to sell my house fast Austin.

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