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How We Can Help You Sell Your House Fast in Austin Tx


1. Fill Out Our Form

Simply fill out the form above and we will respond quickly so you can sell your house fast in Austin TX. We want to make the process as smooth and quick as possible for you. We understand that it can feel overwhelming to need to sell a house fast in Austin Tx and we want to make it a stress-free process.



2. Let’s Discuss

We will take your info and research your situation and property so that we can help you find the best solution for your circumstances or sell your house fast in Austin TX.  Once we have a game plan we’ll chat with you concerning your best options.

3. Get a Fast, Simple Solution

Our business is helping you sell your house fast in Austin TX.  We buy Austin area houses at an honest price.   There is no dealing with real estate agents or banks.  There is no closing costs or repairs to worry about.  We eliminate costly and time-consuming elements that hinder you from achieving your goals.


We Understand You Need to Sell Your Austin Tx House Fast

Our Team

If you want to sell your house fast in Austin Tx, you will need a good team. One of the benefits we can offer you is our team. No matter how diverse your needs are, our team is more than capable enough to handle them. In fact, the satisfactory results we produce all come from the fact that we have a team full of passionate professionals. This includes contractors, lawyers, and title companies—whose capabilities are specially tailored to handling real estate issues/stresses. Also, coupled with the fact that we’re family owned, means we are able to work seamlessly together to produce great results for our clients.

No Fees

We invest in properties and as mentioned above, we do it rather well. We offer our services to you at zero charges. This means we will handle any complications with your bank (where it concerns your property)—which can involve the use of attorneys and lawyers. Also, we will offer you the appropriate sum for your property in person (cash up-front), and no fees for any of the services you use will be deducted. In fact, we’ll do you one better by being in contact with you (by offering advice) even after the transaction is done and well concluded.

No Matter the Condition or Circumstance

As-is houses, foreclosure houses, vacant homes, houses due to heirship, homes due to loss of employment or job transfers, houses due to tax issues and illnesses and many more fall under the category of “No matter the condition or circumstance”. We do not care for the condition or circumstance that predates your reason for wanting to sell your house, but we do care about helping you. Contact us and get free help to sell your house fast in Austin Tx.

As-is houses

We know how hard it is to find buyers for your house when they’re constantly turned off by the state of the house and the number of repairs it will need. A traditional buyer will find something to gripe about to get the lowest price possible. We will buy your as-is house no matter the number of repairs it needs.

Unemployment or job transfer

In the case of individuals that fall under the umbrella of unemployment or job transfer, our services are readily available for you to make use of. And like we mentioned above, we will not charge fees for any of our services that you use—regardless of the distance (job transfer). Also, cases like this are handled urgently, due to their sensitivity. Because a delay in our ability to work can cause complications (due to unemployment) which we know you’ll rather avoid.


A need to sell your house might arise due to an illness or the other. You might need funds to handle medical bills or the house you currently live in is unsuitable for your condition and you want to sell your house to buy another. An example of the latter is an elder on a wheelchair living in a two-story building. The individual (elder) won’t be able to use the stairs, so a more appropriate building might be needed for the sake of safety and convenience.

Regardless of the situation, and as long as you have an existing property in Austin, you can sell your house fast to Housejiffy.

Inherited house and heirship

It can either be called a heirship house or an inherited home. This occurs if you suddenly find yourself in charge of a property (house) left behind for you by a relative/family member. Though, it’s not all the time a family member leaves the property in your charge. It might be that you’re the most compatible to take over the house.

Nonetheless, when you take over a property sometimes, you also take over any liability that it has. And due to that, you might want to sell the house. On that front, we are open-minded towards such—even if its a property owned by different people. We will walk you through the steps involved in selling your property to Housejiffy and we’ll leave you properly compensated.

Foreclosure houses

A home that is possessed by a lender (bank) due to the unwillingness or inability of the original owners to pay back a loan is called a foreclosure home. This occurs since the original homeowners used their property (house) as collateral when they got the loan and due to the fact that they can’t pay back what is due, the bank takes over their house to pay the debt they owe. If you fall under this category, we have a specialized team that will cater to every one of your needs (where the most important of them is for you to be properly compensated).

In summary, no matter the condition or circumstance, our services (at Housejiffy) is always available for you to use.


You want to sell your house, but to do that you’ll have to go through some processes (that we’ve hinted above). You talk to attorneys and lawyers, show potential buyers your house (which disrupts your schedules), and since property exchange is a sensitive matter, you’ll need to exercise a lot of patience. All these things have a cumulative effect in terms of stress which you can, fortunately, avoid by making use of our services.

The Price?

Like already discussed above, we charge no fees for any of our services that you use. But this subsection is not for that purpose. Rather, we mean what are the conditions that will affect the sum we will offer you. To begin with, the state of the property determines what will be offered to you. If the house is in dire need of repairs, then the cost of your property reduces. If not, it will hardly affect the total funds being offered.

Also, the location of the property plays a vital role in price. We have to evaluate the prices of the houses in your neighborhood before we can make you an offer you’ll find satisfactory. Lastly, the dimension/size of the house is also an important player in what determines the price. What we mean is that we will price your house depending on how big or small it is. And after all of our evaluation, we will share with you our findings and you personally can investigate the results. After which, we can properly negotiate terms that will leave both parties duly satisfied.

We Close Fast

One of the advantages of using our services unlike the ones being offered by a real estate broker is speed. A real estate broker will pend your house waiting for the best possible bid (since they get commissions). We on the other hand value speed and efficiency in all our dealings with our clients. And an example of where speed will be needed is in homes that are on sale due to divorce. The environment itself will be a source of emotional distress for individuals going through this, and to quickly move on, speed and efficiency are vital. In that regard, we always close deals within three to five days (nothing more). Though, do keep in mind that this fact extends to all situations/circumstances concerning real estate properties.

Think about it this way. You’re based in Austin and you need to sell your fast due to some conditions/circumstance. Also, couple that with the fact that if you don’t sell your property quickly, bills accumulate and it will affect your funds in the long run. And with your potential house buyers remaining just that—potential buyers, you might want to make use of a fast and efficient company. To that point, you can use the features/benefits of Housejiffy that have been listed above to resolve any property issue you might have.

Sell your house fast in Austin Tx today!

If you want to sell your house fast in Austin  TX, then Housejiffy is the perfect solution. Buying houses is what we do and we’ve had plenty of years to refine it with the experience that goes with it. And on that front, that experience is one of the tools that we will use in providing satisfactory services to you (regardless of your house’s condition or situation). Let’s talk about this in other terms; we buy as-is houses, houses in foreclosure, vacant houses, houses due to heirship, etcetera. In fact, if you simply just want to sell your house fast in Austin, TX, we will easily cater to your needs/wants.
Summarily, we try to help any individual wanting to sell his/her house. The reasons are endless, but no matter how diverse you think it is, we’ve handled such and we’ll handle yours like so.

Questions? We’re always available to help. Give us a call: 512-387-5818
We Buy As-Is. No Closing Cost. No Listing. No Realtors. No Hassle. All Cash in Pocket.