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More About HouseJiffy


Housejiffy is family owned—with over 10 years of experience in providing help to different families in Austin Metroplex. We listen, plan and then we use our team of professionals and lawyers to handle any property related issue you might be wanting to solve. So if you have property issues and to sell your house fast or just good free help, contact us immediately.

These are the homes/houses that are usually in dire need of repair but the owners themselves are financially incapable to do so. This makes it extremely hard for them to sell their houses, since the time, energy, and sometimes money that is required is practically a turn off for most potential buyers.

You might have inherited a house from your relative and for a reason (personal or otherwise), you want to sell it. Regardless of your location, we’ll communicate with you and find a common ground—where afterward you’ll be fully compensated.

They are properties sold/repossessed by lenders (bank) if the original owner who took loan defaults on a mortgage payment. People who fall under this category tend to sell their properties (houses in the cases) so as to clear all debts.

The remaining conditions/situations where we’ll gladly expend our resources on your behalf are divorce, vacant homes, illness, death, estate sale, loss of employment or job transfer, and tax issues. Or you might simply find your house as a property that you want to sell fast.

Using a real estate agent has many benefits. When you hand your house over to a real estate agent, you’re ensuring publicity in terms of information distribution to potential buyers. In the long run, this might get you the highest offer possible. However, “in the long run” requires patience. Patience which you cannot exercise due in part to various reasons like a foreclosure threat, poor house condition, financial problems and various others.
Do know there are much added fees included and certain guidelines and rules they may have when having to show the house. If you are not in a rush and have much patience, this may be best route for you.
If you find yourself wanting to sell your house fast—therein lies the difference between us and real estate agents. We won’t waste your time by pending your house, and at the same time, we will properly compensate you.

When you compare our services to that of a realtor, there’s a stark difference since you’ll be doing nothing. From handling proceedings with the bank on your behalf to dealings with lawyers and attorneys, we’re fully in sync with all the actions/processes involved in selling your property to us.

Now, the main difference between us and a realtor is that we charge no fee to you. It’s all a complimentary benefit when you use our services. We do not roll over any fees unto the total sum we offer to buy your property (house). And we also do not subtract any amount of money (as fee) from the sum that is due you.

The price of any property depends on the location, condition, and dimension. To start with, the price of all and any house will vary based on its location. So, we first check the price of the houses in the surrounding area to get a rough gauge on the price of your own house.

After which we will investigate the condition of the house (a property survey makes this process smoother) and if needed, we will make arrangements for repairs. This is important since we have to take into account the fees necessary to repair the house into peak condition. Also, based on what we find, the value of the house might be slightly affected.

So, we will talk with you about the damages so you too can properly assess our results and honesty. Afterwards, we will further refine the price of the house by accounting for its size, then we will make you an offer you won’t possibly refuse.

Also, we will not dangle the price, and instead, we will give you an accurate sum that we’re willing to pay for your property. Wherein any/all negotiation that occurs will be used to find a common ground in regards to the price you feel is fair and right for your situation.

Our credibility comes from the fact that we’ve been in business for over 10 years helping family get out of their distress home situations and buying houses fast and as-is. And throughout those years, we have organized fast house sales for people who want to sell a house like your own (regardless of the condition and situation). Also, our feelings on businesses have never changed.

We believe in paying all our clients personally in cash depending on your house situation. And combining this with our team’s capabilities means we will easily solve all property stresses you might have. In summary, our team has the necessary experience and speed (in case of foreclosure homes) in handling any matter concerning real estate properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to sell my house? 

A. If you want to sell your house fast within 1-3 days, it is possible—based on your current house situation and the quality of the information you provide us with (property survey will do well here). We have helped people sell their house fast within one day or even same day, but all selling situations are different.

Q. Do I have to fix anything in my house to sell it?

A. No, you don’t. As specified above, buying as-is houses is one of the things we do to help because it saves you the time, energy, and money you would have had to spend if we didn’t. We understand you want to fix it to avoid deductions from the house’s value, but do not worry, as we will give you a price that you will like.

Q. Do I need a real estate agent for any services you render?

A. No, you do not need a realtor for any services of ours that you use. The whole process is fast, free and no middleman will be involved because we consist of a team of lawyers, investors, and bank networks.

Q. What happens to my tenants?

A. Depends on our plans for the house, but if we decide to sell it, we always make sure to give the tenants plenty of time to settle everything of theirs. But if we’re keeping it as an investment, then nothing will happen to them as just a change of ownership occurs. Though, take note that even if we want to sell it, we try to communicate with the buyers on terms that will still be beneficial to the tenants.

We are here to make sure you sell your house right!

Hey we know houses, we know people, and we know life sometimes can throw a mean curve ball and that is why we here to help you sell your house fast or find a solution for your property. We understand unlikely things happen, so we are here to help regarding your house or property distress situation, but you must also know we have an addiction and we will buy your Austin area house for cash! We have been providing distressed home and property solutions for years!

So if you are in any of the situations below contact us immediately!

Foreclosure – Divorce – Vacant Homes – Illness – Heirship – Death – Behind on Payments – Out of state owner – Estate Sale – Loss of employment or job transfer – Tax issues – Or just want to sell fast!

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